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Month: October 2021

100+ Fabulous French Baby Names For Girls (With Meanings)

french name ideas for daughter, girl in front of eiffel tower in paris france

Want to find some fabulous french baby names for girls? Browse this list of fantastic female french name ideas for your darling daughter. What’s not to appreciate about France? The stylish country has upped the bar in fields ranging from fashion to food to great art and beyond. Aside from that, they’ve supplied us with […] Read more…

100+ Fantastic French Baby Names For Boys (With Meanings)

french baby names for a boy

Trying to find a fantastic french boy name for your son? Check out these male french baby names for your little guy. France is well-known for its stunning scenery, gastronomy, wine, and rich history and culture. It is enthralling, from the snow-capped Alps to the Riviera coast to the renowned Eiffel Tower in the City […] Read more…