Browsing for names meaning hope for your little one? Find great names that mean hope for boys and girls to inspire some faith.

Babies can represent hope for many families. It can represent the wish that the next chapter will be full of health and happiness, the faith that the next adventure will be alright.

With hope, families can be optimistic about their future. When parents choose the meaning of hope for their newborn, it can symbolize having hope for their baby, their family, or just the universe.

Names that mean hope can come from a lot of different cultures and languages. Hope names can be for a boy or a girl.

For more heavenly names meaning hope, check out the list below.

Heavenly Names That Mean Hope (With Meanings)

baby names that mean hope

Boy Names That Mean Hope

  • Aaron
    • Meaning: Hebrew for “high mountain; enlightened”
  • Albert
    • Meaning: German for “noble, bright”
  • Beacon
    • Meaning: Old English for “signal light”
  • Callahan
    • Meaning: Irish for “bright-headed”
  • Clarence
    • Meaning: Latin for “bright”
  • Dylan
    • Meaning: Irish for “ray of hope”
  • Eleazar
    • Meaning: Hebrew for “court of God”
  • Emmanuel
    • Meaning: Hebrew for “God is with us”
  • Faro
    • Meaning: Italian origin name for “lighthouse”
  • Fynn
    • Meaning: Irish for “bright, fair”
  • Heller
    • Meaning: German for “bright, brilliant”
  • Herbert
    • Meaning: German for “bright army”

baby names meaning hope

  • Jesse
    • Meaning: Hebrew for “a gift of hope”
  • Kenn
    • Meaning: Welsh for “bright water”
  • Kiran
    • Meaning: Sanskrit for “ray of light”
  • Meyer
    • Meaning: Hebrew for “bringer of light”
  • Neo
    • Meaning: Latin for “new”
  • Phelipe
    • Meaning: Spanish origin name for “hope origin”
  • Raiden
    • Meaning: Japanese for “thunder and lightning”
  • Robert
    • Meaning: Old English for “bright fame”
  • Rutendo
    • Meaning: African origin name for “faith”
  • Salvador
    • Meaning: Spanish origin name for “savior”
  • Sherwood
    • Meaning: Old English for “bright forest”
  • Truman
    • Meaning: Old English for “faithful one”
  • Toivo
    • Meaning: Finnish for “hope”

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hope names for babies

Girl names that mean hope

  • Ailana
    • Meaning: Finnish for “light bearer”
  • Aileen
    • Meaning: Irish for “bright, shining light”
  • Alina
    • Meaning: Slavic origin name for “bright, beautiful”
  • April
    • Meaning: Latin for “to open”
  • Ashlyn
    • Meaning: Irish for “dream”
  • Brayleigh
    • Meaning: American name for “ray of hope”
  • Chiara
    • Meaning: Italian origin name meaning “light, clear”
  • Chloe
    • Meaning: Greek for “young green shoot”
  • Daisy
    • Meaning: Old English for “day’s eye”
  • Edna
    • Meaning: Hebrew origin name for “rejuvenation”
  • Elaine
    • Meaning: French meaning “bright, shining light”
  • Esmeralda
    • Meaning: Portuguese origin name for “emerald”
  • Esperanza
    • Meaning: Spanish for “hope”
  • Evangeline
    • Meaning: Greek for “bearer of good news”
  • Faith
    • Meaning: Old English often meaning hope

names meaning hope

  • Hope
    • Meaning: Old English for “Desire of fulfillment”
  • Kiara
    • Meaning: Italian for “first ray of sun”
  • Laelynn
    • Meaning: Canadian origin name for “flower of hope”
  • Leocadia
    • Meaning: Spanish for “splendid brightness”
  • Lucy
    • Meaning: Latin for “light”
  • Margaret
    • Meaning: Greek for “pearl”
  • Mariposa
    • Meaning: Spanish meaning “butterfly”
  • Nina
    • Meaning: Arabic for “hope of love”
  • Nadine
    • Meaning: French for “hope”
  • Tiara
    • Meaning: Latin origin name for “crown”
  • Vita
    • Meaning: Latin for “hope of life”
  • Yeena
    • Meaning: Russian for “bright, shining one”


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