Get one with nature and try an earthy name for your baby boy. Think of the outdoors and consider some nature-inspired masculine name ideas.

Choosing the perfect name for your baby can be difficult.  There are so many different names to choose from. But these earthy nature-inspired names might be the best way to fill your mind with an abundance of masculine earthy names.

Nature addresses different levels of feelings. It tends to be quiet and satisfying and solid and difficult. Giving your child a nature-propelled name could give it a character as stable as nature. It reminds your kid to be reliable and focused, without reeling under tension.

Earthy Nature Names For Boys (With Meanings)

What Boy Names Mean Nature?

Nature kid names have a strong appeal that parents would love. Find a lot of words that mean nature to us.

  • Lake
    • Meaning: a small body of water 
  • Lark
    • Meaning: a small songbird
  • Oliver
    • Meaning: olive tree
  • Oriel
    • Meaning: bird
  • Pierce
    • Meaning: rock
  • River
    • Meaning: river
  • Rowan
    • Meaning: tree
  • Spruce
    • Meaning: neat; dapper
  • Terran
    • Meaning: Earth
  • Vernon
    • Meaning: springlike; full of life
  • Wren
    • Meaning: a small songbird
  •  Yael 
    • Meaning: a mountain goat

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Outdoor Inspired Name Ideas

Unique Nature Names for Boys

Assuming you’re an outdoorsy mother, most certainly continue to look for motivation of one-of-a-kind sort names for your son. You’ll surely love this!

  • Aaron 
    • Meaning: high mountain
  • Ajax 
    • Meaning: earth
  • Alan 
    • Meaning: disputed; little rock
  • Boutros 
    • Meaning: stone
  • Bradley 
    • Meaning: a broad clearing in the woods
  • Brent 
    • Meaning: hill
  • Bryn  
    • Meaning: hill or mound
  • Doruk 
    • Meaning: mountaintop
  • Douglas 
    • Meaning: dark water
  • Dunstan
    • Meaning: dark stone
  • Enki  
    • Meaning: Lord of the earth
  • Erdmann
    • Meaning: earthman
  • All 
    • Meaning: homestead on the hill wind or flower
  • Florus
    • Meaning: flower
  • Forrest 
    • Meaning: a person living near a forest
  • Garfield
    • Meaning: triangle field
  • George 
    • Meaning: earth-worker
  • Goran 
    • Meaning: mountain man
  • Haldor 
    • Meaning: Thor’s rock
  • Irving 
    • Meaning: green water

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Outdoor Nature Inspired Name Ideas

Badass Nature Names For Boys

Is there anything cooler than badass kid names? Tense, crude, and brimming with coarseness, badass boy names are ideal for your strong baby.

  • Hunter
    • Meaning: One who hunts
  • Inuvik 
    • Meaning: blade of grass
  • Jafar 
    • Meaning: stream (Arabic)
  • Jory 
    • Meaning: earth-worker
  • Keir
    • Meaning: thicket or dusky
  • Marlowe 
    • Meaning: remnants of a lake
  • Maxwell 
    • Meaning: great stream
  • Montgomery
    • Meaning: man’s mountain
  • Pallav 
    • Meaning: budding leaf 
  • Ridley  
    • Meaning: clearing in the reed
  • Roscoe
    • Meaning: a roebuck forest
  • Silvester 
    • Meaning: forest
  • Stanley 
    • Meaning: stone clearing
  • Tapio
    • Meaning: ruler of the forest
  • Trevelyan 
    • Meaning: homestead on the hill

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Tree and Woodsy Names For Boys

We know it can be tough to find the perfect boy name for your baby. That’s why we’ve picked our top tree and woodsy-inspired terms for your little boy. Find inspiration here, and try mixing a couple of names.

  • Diar 
    • Meaning: expensive wood
  • Horst 
    • Meaning: wood or thicket
  • Huxley 
    • Meaning: insult wood
  • Ilan  
    • Meaning: tree
  • Elwood
    • Meaning: elder tree forest
  • Ewen 
    • Meaning: born of the yew tree 
  • Oran
    • Meaning: pine tree
  • Nemus 
    • Meaning: forest, meadow, or wood
  • Perry 
    • Meaning: pear tree
  • Silas
    • Meaning:  woods; forest
  • Vesa
    • Meaning: sprout, young tree
  • Yasen
    • Meaning: ash tree
  • Yavor
    • Meaning: maple tree

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Animal-Inspired Boy Names

Examine these beautiful animal-inspired  names for young men:

  • Arne
    • Meaning: eagle
  • Bear
    • Meaning: brave bear
  • Bjorn 
    • Meaning: bear
  • Buck 
    • Meaning: deer; cowboy
  • Conan 
    • Meaning: wolf
  • Connell
    • Meaning: strong wolf
  • Darby
    • Meaning: a place of the deer
  • Drake 
    • Meaning: snake; dragon, or male duck
  • Everley 
    • Meaning: boar meadow
  • Fisher
    • Meaning: fisherman
  • Finch
    • Meaning: to swindle
  •  Hawk 
    • Meaning: bird of prey   
  •  Jay 
    • Meaning: a brightly-colored bird
  •  Lupin
    • Meaning: of the wolf

Earthy Nature Names For Boys (With Meanings) - Outdoor Inspired Name Ideas

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