Show your American pride and salute the USA with patriotic names. Raise your flag with some American name ideas.

Are you expecting a child in the first week of July? Or do you simply love your country? Then an all-American, patriotic baby name could be just what you’re searching for! 

Patriotic baby names pay tribute to the land of the free and the home of the brave. They might be motivated by American principles like liberty and justice or legendary Americans like Abraham Lincoln and Betsy Ross.

As a loyal American, whether you’re expecting a child or getting a new pet, there is a wide range of name choices to choose from. Consider the nation’s history or important figures.

Together with Liberty and Lincoln, other patriotic baby names that appear in the Top 1000 of the United States include Boston, Destiny, Franklin, Kennedy, Knox, Maverick, Navy, and Virginia. 

For more name ideas, check out the list of Patriotic names below.

Unique American Patriotic Names For boys

American Patriotic Names for Boys

  • Aaron 
    • Meaning: Aaron Burr, a former Revolutionary War officer, and Vice President
  • Abraham
    • Meaning: Abraham Lincoln, a former President
  • Absalom
    • Meaning: Absalom Baird, a Union Army General
  • America
    • Meaning: Amerigo Vespucci, an explorer who proposed a new continent (North/South America)
  • Arthur
    • Meaning: Chester Alan Arthur, 21st President
  • Benjamin
    • Meaning: Benjamin Franklin, founding father of the United States
  • Braxton
    • Meaning: Braxton Bragg, Confederate general in the Civil War
  • Booker
    • Meaning: Booker T. Washington, influential Black educator and reformers
  • Boston
    • Meaning: A well-known city in Massachusetts
  • Carter
    • Meaning: Jimmy Carter, 39th President
  • Columbus
    • Meaning: Christopher Columbus, part of the discovery of America
  • Douglass
    • Meaning: Frederick Douglass, a famous American abolitionist
  • Enoch
    • Meaning: Enoch Poor, a brigadier general in the Revolutionary War
  • Franklin
    • Meaning: Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 32nd. President
  • George
    • Meaning: George Washington, a former President
  • Green
    • Meaning: Green Clay Smith, Civil War general and congressman from Kentucky
  • Hamilton
    • Meaning: Alexander Hamilton, one of the founding fathers of the United States
  • Harrison
    • Meaning: William Harrison, a former President
  • Hayes
    • Meaning: Rutherford Birchard Hayes, 19th President
  • Henry
    • Meaning: Patrick Henry, a famous figure of the American Revolution
  • Jackson
    • Meaning: Andrew Jackson, 7th President
  • Jefferson
    • Meaning: Thomas Jefferson, 3rd President and author of the Declaration of Independence
  • John
    • Meaning: John Adams, a former President
  • Martin
    • Meaning: Martin Luther King Jr., a famous activist and leader in the American Civil Rights Movement
  • Mordecai
    • Meaning: Alfred Mordecai, contributed to scientific research and military technology
  • Paul
    • Meaning: For Paul Revere, a colonialist and patriot hero of the American Revolution
  • Pierce
    • Meaning: Franklin Pierce, 14th President
  • Theodore
    • Meaning: Theodore Roosevelt, 26th President
  • Thomas
    • Meaning: Thomas Jefferson, a former President
  • Ulysses
    • Meaning: Ulysses S. Grant, a former President and Civil War General
  • William
    • Meaning: The first name of many former Presidents, including William McKinley


Unique American Patriotic Names For girls

American Patriotic Names for Girls

  • Abigail 
    • Meaning: Abigail Adams, a former first lady of the 2nd president of the US
  • Ambrose
    • Meaning: Ambrose Burnside, Union Army General, and U.S. Senator
  • Amelia
    • Meaning: Amelia Earhart, renowned pilot
  • Belle
    • Meaning: Liberty Bell
  • Britannia
    • Meaning: The USS Britannia, a steamship captured by the Union Navy during the Civil War
  • Cheyenne
    • Meaning: For a city in Wyoming
  • Caroline Harrison
    • Meaning: a former first lady and wife of Benjamin Harrison
  • Coretta
    • Meaning: Coretta Scott King, activist wife of Martin Luther King Jr.
  • Deborah
    • Meaning: Deborah Sampson, an American Revolution war hero
  • Destiny
    • Meaning: “manifest destiny,” 
  • Eleanor
    • Meaning: Eleanor Roosevelt, a former first lady
  • Ellis
    • Meaning: Ellis Island, a site in New York where you can find the Statue of Liberty
  • Elizabeth
    • Meaning: Elizabeth Cady Stanton, a leader in the women’s rights and suffrage movements
  • Eleanor
    • Meaning: A former First Lady and wife of Franklin D. Roosevelt
  • Hannah
    • Meaning: Hannah Adams, an author who wrote books based on United States history
  • Harriet
    • Meaning: Harriet Tubman, who fought for equal rights
  • Honor
    • Meaning: the word describes men and women of high moral standing
  • Jackie
    • Meaning: Jackie Kennedy, a former first lady
  • Jane
    • Meaning: Jane Addams, a leader in social work and women’s suffrage
  • Lydia
    • Meaning: Lydia Barrington Darragh,  Patriot spy during the American Revolution
  • Madison
    • Meaning: James Madison, a former President
  • Martha
    • Meaning: Martha Washington, a former first lady
  • Mercy
    • Meaning: the compassion and forgiveness the United States is known for
  • Monroe
    • Meaning: James Monroe, 5th President
  • Phoenix
    • Meaning: the symbol of hope and new beginnings
  • Quincy
    • Meaning: John Quincy Adams, 6th President
  • Star
    • Meaning: the “star-spangled banner”
  • Susan
    • Meaning: Susan B. Anthony, an influential leader, and women’s rights activist
  • Sybil
    • Meaning: Sybil Ludington, a hero, and patriot during the American Revolutionary War
  • Victoria
    • Meaning: “victory,” which can best describe the Revolutionary War

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patriotic names for dogs

American Patriotic Names for Pets

  • Andrew 
    • Meaning: Andrew Jackson, 7th President of the U.S.
  • Barbara
    • Meaning: Barbara Bush, former First Lady 
  • Benjamin
    • Meaning Benjamin Franklin, a Founding Father
  • Betsy
    • Meaning: Betsy Ross, the one who made the first American flag
  • Calvin
    • Meaning: Calvin Coolidge, 30th president
  • Chips
    • Meaning: Chips, a famous war dog 
  • Esther
    • Meaning: Esther Reed, a revolutionary war heroine
  • Getty
    • Meaning: short for the Battle of Gettysburg and the great Gettysburg Address
  • Hilary
    • Meaning: Hilary Clinton, a former first lady
  • Honor
    • Meaning:  A foundation of patriotism
  • Jimmy
    • Meaning: Jimmy Carter, 39th U.S President
  • Lydia
    • Meaning: Lydia Darrah, messenger for President Washington
  • Melania
    • Meaning: Melania Trump, US First Lady
  • Molly
    • Meaning: Molly Pitcher, a revolutionary war heroine
  • Nancy
    • Meaning: Nancy Reagan, a former first lady
  • Nemo
    • Meaning: Nemo, name of the Vietnam War Dog
  • Noble
    • Meaning: refers to American pride
  • Rin Tin Tin
    • Meaning: Rin Tin Tin, name of a famous World War Combat Dog
  • Reagan
    • Meaning: Ronald Reagan, 40th president of the American
  • Revere
    • Meaning: Paul Revere, a colonialist and patriot hero of the American Revolution
  • Patriot
    • Meaning: refers to true patriotism
  • Polk
    • Meaning: James Polk, 11th President of the U.S.
  • Shiloh
    • Meaning: refers to the Battle of Shiloh

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red white blue 4th of july names

Red, White And Blues Names

Names That Mean Red

  • Scarlett: This name is derived from the Old French word “escarlate,” which means “bright red.”
  • Ruby: This name comes from the gemstone of the same name, which is known for its rich red color.
  • Crimson: This is a bold and unique name that is directly associated with the color red.
  • Rufus: This is a Latin name that means “red-haired.”
  • Roja: This is a Spanish name that means “red.”
  • Sienna: This name is derived from the Italian city of Siena, which is known for its red clay soil.
  • Ademar: This is a French name that means “famous for being red.”
  • Sorrel: This is a name that comes from the reddish-brown color of the sorrel plant.
  • Erythros: This is a Greek name that means “red.”
  • Gwyn: This is a Welsh name that means “blessed with white or red.”

Names That Mean White

  • Bianca: This is an Italian name that means “white.”
  • Alba: This is a Latin name that means “white, bright.”
  • Gwen: This is a Welsh name that means “white, fair.”
  • Fiona: This is a Gaelic name that means “white, fair.”
  • Blanch: This is an Old French name that means “white, fair.”
  • Leif: This is a Scandinavian name that means “beloved, white.”
  • Fionn: This is an Irish name that means “fair, white.”
  • Pearl: This name comes from the precious gemstone, which is often associated with its white color.
  • Yukiko: This is a Japanese name that means “snow, white child.”
  • Safiya: This is an Arabic name that means “pure, white.”

Names That Mean Blue

  • Indigo: This is a name that comes from the deep blue-purple color of the plant and dye.
  • Azura: This is a name that means “sky blue” or “azure.”
  • Cyan: This is a name that comes from the blue-green color of the same name.
  • Lapis: This is a Latin name that means “stone” and is often associated with the deep blue color of lapis lazuli.
  • Sapphire: This is a name that comes from the precious gemstone known for its deep blue color.
  • Blue: This is a unique and simple name that is directly associated with the color blue.
  • Neelam: This is an Indian name that means “blue.”
  • Azzurra: This is an Italian name that means “azure, sky blue.”
  • Aoi: This is a Japanese name that means “blue.”
  • Teal: This is a name that comes from the blue-green color of the same name

Unique American Patriotic Names (For Boys, Girls, Pets)

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