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Browsing for names meaning miracle for your little blessing? Find inspirational baby names that mean miracle or blessed for boys and girls here.

When a new baby comes into the world, many parents would liken the experience to be a little miracle. Most families would describe their newborn as a blessing.

A new addition to the family does seem miraculous. As blessed as new parents feel, they might look to that feeling to choose a baby name for their little bundle of joy.

Newborn connection, Beautiful Baby Names Meaning Miracle For Your Little Blessing

Names meaning “miracle” or “blessing” can work for a boy or a girl. It would be a name that would be a constant reminder of how loved and cherished their child truly is.

There are many divine options for miracle baby names. You can also look for names that are associated with God’s gift, hope, peace, or love. You can look toward the Bible or whatever religious literature you follow for inspiration.

Here are some of the most beautiful names that mean ‘blessing’ or ‘miracle’ below.

Baby Names Meaning Miracle For Your Little Blessing

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Boy Names That Mean Miracle Or Blessing

Try these boy names meaning ‘blessing’ or ‘miracle’ for your son. 

  • Aaron
    • Meaning: Hebrew name that means “miraculous”
  • Ansel
    • Meaning: German name meaning “with divine protection or follower of a noblemen”
  • Ascher/Asher
    • Meaning: Hebrew name meaning “miracle” or “blessing”
  • Barack
    • Meaning: Swahili for “blessing”
  • Benedict
    • Meaning: derived from Latin name, Benedictus, means “blessed”
  • Boone
    • Meaning: French for “a blessing”
  • Chazon
    • Meaning: Hebrew for “prophecy, revelation”
  • Eijaz
    • Meaning: Arabic for miracle
  • Elijah
    • Meaning: Hebrew name for ”Yahweh the God”
  • Ender
    • Meaning: Turkish name meaning “very rare”
  • Ian
    • Meaning: Gaelic name meaning “Gift from the Lord”
  • Jesse
    • Meaning: Welsh name for “Blessed”
  • Joseph
    • Meaning: Hebrew for “to increase”

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  • Loreto
    • Meaning: Italian for “Miraculous”
  • Levi
    • Meaning: Hebrew for “Joined, attached”
  • Matthew
    • Meaning: Hebrew for “Miracle of the Lord”
  • Mikelle
    • Meaning: Latin for “Gift from God”
  • Milagro
    • Meaning: Spanish origin name meaning “Wonder”
  • Moses
    • Meaning: Egyptian origin name for “delivered from water”
  • Nathaniel
    • Meaning: Hebrew name meaning “God has given”
  • Neo
    • Meaning: Twainian for “Gift”
  • Oswald
    • Meaning: Old English for “Divine power”
  • Revel
    • Meaning: Old English for “festivity, tumult”
  • Thaddeus
    • Meaning: Aramaic for “Gift from God”
  • Theo
    • Meaning: Greek meaning “Divine gift”
  • Zebadiah
    • Meaning: Greek for “God’s gift”

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Girl Names That Mean Miracle or Blessing

Here are girl names meaning ‘miracle’ or ‘blessing’ for your little lady.

  • Aaliyah
    • Meaning: Arabic name for “Heavens, highborn, exalted”
  • Abigail
    • Meaning: Hebrew for “Gives joy”
  • Agnes
    • Meaning: Greek for “Pure”
  • Amari
    • Meaning: American name for “Miracle”
  • Ayah
    • Meaning: Arabic name for “Miracle”
  • Beatrix
    • Meaning: Latin name for “She who brings happiness”; “Blessed”
  • Behati
    • Meaning: African name for “Blessed:
  • Celestine
    • Meaning: Name with Latin origin meaning ”Heavenly”
  • Deanna
    • Meaning: English for “Divine”
  • Desiree
    • Meaning: French mean “So long hoped for”
  • Elisha
    • Meaning: Hebrew origin name meaning “God is my salvation”
  • Eve
    • Meaning: Hebrew for “to live”
  • Fatima
    • Meaning: Arabic name for “Captivating, a woman who abstains”
  • Genevieve
    • Meaning: French for “One who can do miracles”; “blessing of God”
  • Gia
    • Meaning: Italian name for “God’s gracious gift”
  • Gwyneth
    • Meaning: Welsh name for “Blessed”

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  • Iva
    • Meaning: Hebrew for “Gift from god”
  • Jane
    • Meaning: Hebrew for “God is merciful”
  • Jessica
    • Meaning: Hebrew name for “blessed”
  • Karishama
    • Meaning: Indian for “Miracle”
  • Marvel
    • Meaning: French for “Miracle”
  • Maxima
    • Meaning: Latin for “Miracle worker”
  • Micah
    • Meaning: Hebrew for “Who is like god”
  • Mira
    • Meaning: Latin name for “Marvel”
  • Miracle
    • Meaning: Word name
  • Mireya
    • Meaning: Spanish name for “Miracle”
  • Mirabei
    • Meaning: Hindi meaning “Wonderful”
  • Mirielle
    • Meaning: French name for “Miraculous”
  • Nadira
    • Meaning: Arabic origin name for “Precious, rare”
  • Nasya/Nassa/Nessa
    • Meaning: Hebrew name for “Miracle”
  • Orella
    • Meaning: Latin for “Announcement for gods, oracle”
  • Sachi
    • Meaning: Japanese name for “Miracle”
  • Senalda
    • Meaning: Spanish for “A sign”
  • Pelia
    • Meaning: Hebrew for “Miracle of God”
  • Tiffany
    • Meaning: Greek for “God’s appearance”
  • Winifred
    • Meaning: Welsh name for “Blessed peacemaking”; “Holy”


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