Blaze your way through this list of cool and powerful dragon name ideas. These badass mythical names for dragons will surely light your fire.

Are you a devoted fan of Dungeons and Dragons and “Game Of Thrones”? Assuming you are searching for more best dragon name alternatives, this is your lucky day! 

Mythical dragons are textured and winged animals that inhale fire and stay as baffling as could be expected! Researchers say that beliefs in dragons presumably developed autonomously in both Europe and China, and maybe in the Americas and Australia. 

In the folklore legends, and folktales of different societies, dragons are huge reptile or snake-like animals, imagined in certain practices as harmful and others as useful. Mythical serpents were normally portrayed in archaic Europe with wings and a pointed tail and as breathing fire.

Before we get into the distinctive dragon names, examine the accompanying rundown of some good dragon names. These mythical names have been with fictitious creatures that are generally known and adored.

What Are Some Good Dragon Names?

badass names for dragons

Powerful Dragon Names

Get an idea of the most powerful names for dragons from the list below. These dragon names are strong, ruthless, and wild. Mostly derived from the most powerful dragons of fictional movies and games.

       ○ King Ghidora

       ○ Kralkatorik

       ○ Balerion

       ○ Korabas

       ○ Alduin

       ○ Seath the Scaleless

       ○ Ancalagon

       ○ Bahamut

       ○ Nicol Bolas

       ○ Akatosha proper

       ○ Omega Shenron

       ○ Tat’hamet

       ○ Deathwing

       ○ Mag’ladroth

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Badass Dragon Names

Badass Dragon’s names are otherwise called the Flying reptiles since they can inhale with the breathing flames. They likewise have a reputed association with the mysterious creatures which existed quite years ago. 

So how about we check this great and perfect collection which is generally suitable with badass dragons.

       ○ Drogon

       ○ Spyro

       ○ Norberta

       ○ Paarthurnax

       ○ Crimson Dragon

       ○ Royal wyvern

       ○ Onyxia

       ○ Ridley

       ○ Ryu

cool Dragon Name Ideas

Fire Dragon Names

Naming fire dragons overall is quite fun; however, fire mythical beasts specifically, regardless of whether they’re just fire-breathing or red and fire-themed and large, are presumably the most amusing to name. 

There is a huge load of ways you can approach searching for a proper name for a fire-winged dragon. Here are some: 

         ○ Blaze

         ○ Bonfire

         ○ Campfire

         ○ Ember

         ○ Flame

         ○ Flare

         ○ Glow

         ○ Hearth

         ○ Luminosity

         ○ Pyre

         ○ Scorch

         ○ Sear

         ○ Spark

         ○ Tinder

         ○ Warmth

         ○ Fintan

         ○ Haco

         ○ Hagan

         ○ Hakan

         ○ Ignacio

         ○ Ignatius

         ○ Kenneth

         ○ Mccoy

         ○ Tyson

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Mythical Dragon Name Ideas

Female Dragon Names

There are so many notable female dragon names to browse! Look over these dragons’ names in this rundown underneath to add a little fire to your Dragon’s name, making it both energizing and adorable.

        ○ Hydra 

        ○ Libelle 

        ○ Kayda 

        ○ Dalinda 

        ○ Tanwen 

        ○ Kimba 

        ○ Nuri 

        ○ Malinda

        ○ Adalinda 

        ○ Amelinda 

        ○ Annabelinda  

        ○ Belinda  

        ○ Chumana 

        ○ Medousa 

        ○ Melusine 

        ○ Tanit  

        ○ Tiamat 

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Male Dragon Names

Looking for the best name for your male Dragon? See our list of the best male names for dragons from the list below:

         ○ Aetonth

         ○ Amalasuintha

         ○ AngerBull

         ○ Aristophanes

         ○ Aslan

         ○ Asphodel

        ○ Balthasar

        ○ Barnaby

        ○ Baedairaerth

        ○ Connasdaim

        ○ Grivacre

        ○ Jiress

        ○ Kiddra

        ○ Lammy

        ○ Nervem

        ○ Peirreoray

        ○ Qyrdur

        ○ Shysyt

        ○ Tienyntoass

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Powerful Names For Dragons - Mythical Dragon Name Ideas

Famous Dragon Names

Dragons are amazing legendary animals. Also, there’s a great deal of them in folklore, fables, and mainstream society. Luckily, we accumulated a rundown of 25 of the most renowned dragons ever in history.

        ○ Arman

        ○ Dagahra

        ○ Darksmoke 

        ○ Diaval 

        ○ Dragonite

        ○ Eborsisk 

        ○ Errol 

        ○ Eustace Scrubb

        ○ Falkor 

        ○ Firmin

        ○ Ghidorah

        ○ Haku 

        ○ Katla 

        ○ Leviathan 

        ○ Lockheed 

        ○ Maleficent 

        ○ Mushu 

        ○ Rhaegal 

        ○ R.R. Martin

        ○ Shenron 

        ○ Smaug 

        ○ Toothless 

        ○ Thorn 

        ○ Uruloki 

        ○ Viserion

Fancy Dragon Names

You can have considerably more fun with these names since they don’t have explicit definitions. Thus, you can get inventive and change the names depending on what you prefer. The names underneath are staggeringly furious and fantastic!

        ○ Zurden

        ○ Chairvyd

        ○ Byrve

        ○ Yndrir

        ○ Qaris

        ○ Gemmat

        ○ Duta

        ○ Jordyrraynth

        ○ Qerdesder

        ○ Maildrintys

        ○ Aiding

        ○ Yvri

        ○ Brody

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 Delightful Names For Dragons - Mythical Dragon Name Ideas, Cool and power names for dragons

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