Browsing for the best biblical boy names? Use your faith as inspiration and look out for these bible names for boys to choose the right name.

Choosing a name for your son can be difficult. If you’re looking for a traditional or historical name, look to the Bible for inspiration. Whether your family is religious or not, there can be a lot of great biblical names that have stood the test of time.

Are you looking for a biblical name for your son? Perhaps a Christian or a Jewish name from the Old Testament. Finding the right one can be hard, though, especially if you’re looking for something meaningful and unique. Check out this list of names from the Bible that are perfect for your baby boy! You’ll find a variety of names from Abraham to Zadok. 

100+ Best Biblical Names For Boys (With Meanings)

Read on to see our list of 100+ biblical names for boys with meanings, get inspired by the Bible, and choose a name today!

Biblical boy names

What Boy Names mean Gift From God?

Every child is a gift from God, and if you want to name them after that, check this list of boy names that mean gifts from God. 

  • Aana 
    • Meaning: Greek, Given by God
  • Aaron 
    • Meaning: Hebrew, miraculous
  • Adaiah 
    • Meaning: Hebrew, God sent
  • Adom 
    • Meaning: African, God’s blessing
  • Adriel 
    • Meaning: Hebrew, God sent
  • Akim 
    • Meaning: Hebrew, Originated from God
  • Amaris
    • Meaning: Hebrew, Given by God
  • Apikai 
    • Meaning: Hawaiin, meaning a blessing.
  • Asiel 
    • Meaning: Hebrew, Made by god
  • Avishai 
    • Meaning: Hebrew, God’s gift
  • Barke 
    • Meaning: African, many blessings
  • Benedict 
    • Meaning: Latin, blessed boy
  • Beneficio 
    • Meaning: Italian, a blessing
  • Bovzo 
    • Meaning: Czech, God’s gift
  • Daliso 
    • Meaning: African, a heavenly gift
  • Darko 
    • Meaning: Slavic, a special gift
  • Donato 
    • Meaning: Italian, Gift from God
  • Dorek 
    • Meaning: Polish, God’s Gift
  • Ercole 
    • Meaning: Greek, Gift of God
  • Gianni 
    • Meaning: Italian, God is gracious
  • Hanno 
    • Meaning: German, Gift from God
  • Iain 
    • Meaning: Scottish, Gift of the Lord
  • Jeramiah 
    • Meaning:  Hebrew, God has gifted
  • Loreto 
    • Meaning: Italian, blessing
  • Mathew 
    • Meaning: Hebrew, God’s present
  • Miracolo 
    • Meaning: Italian, miracle
  • Regalo 
    • Meaning: Spanish, special gift
  • Theo 
    • Meaning: Greek, a divine gift
  • Zelig 
    • Meaning: German, a blessing


Most popular biblical boy names

Here is the list of popular biblical boy names for your son. 

  • Alexander 
    • Meaning: defender of the people 
  • Andrew 
    • Meaning: brave 
  • Asher
    • Meaning: blessed; happy 
  • Benjamin 
    • Meaning: son
  • Daniel 
    • Meaning: God is my judge
  • Demetrius 
    • Meaning: earth lover
  • Elijah 
    • Meaning: The Lord is my God 
  • Ezra 
    • Meaning: helper 
  • Isaac 
    • Meaning: to laugh
  • Joseph 
    • Meaning: God will increase 
  • Joshua 
    • Meaning: God is my salvation 
  • Josiah 
    • Meaning: God supports 
  • Levi 
    • Meaning: joined in harmony 
  • Nathan 
    • Meaning: he gave 
  • Nehemiah 
    • Meaning: comforted by God 
  • Samuel 
    • Meaning: told by God 
  • Simon 
    • Meaning: he has heard 
  • Thomas 
    • Meaning: twin 

bible names for boys

Unique and Uncommon biblical boy names

You may not have heard of these biblical names, and you can consider them if you want to give your child a unique biblical boy name. 

  • Amos 
    • Meaning: to carry; borne by God
  • Ebenezer 
    • Meaning: the rock of help
  • Gaius 
    • Meaning: I am glad 
  • Gideon 
    • Meaning: great warrior 
  • Isaiah 
    • Meaning: self-satisfied 
  • Jakim 
    • Meaning: he raises 
  • Kenan 
    • Meaning: to take possession 
  • Korah 
    • Meaning: baldness 
  • Lucius 
    • Meaning: white 
  • Nadab 
    • Meaning:  liberal or of one’s free will
  • Nahum 
    • Meaning: full of comfort
  • Neco 
    • Meaning: one who was beaten 
  • Nekoda 
    • Meaning: distinguished; a herdsman 

Bible boy names

Strong Biblical Boy Names

Check out these biblical names that portray the strong characters from the bible to get inspired!

  • Aaron 
    • Meaning: exalted 
  • Abel 
    • Meaning: breath 
  • Abraham 
    • Meaning: father of many 
  • David 
    • Meaning: beloved 
  • Ethan 
    • Meaning: firm 
  • Ezekial 
    • Meaning: God strengthens 
  • Hezekiah 
    • Meaning: God gives strength 
  • Jacob 
    • Meaning: supplanter 
  • Moses 
    • Meaning: drawn from the water 
  • Noah 
    • Meaning: rest; comfort 
  • Othniel 
    • Meaning: the power of God
  • Stephen 
    • Meaning: crown; victorious 

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Modern Biblical Boy Names

If you want to fit in the modern world but still want a meaningful biblical name for your son, take a look at this list. 

  • Anthony 
    • Meaning: Highly praiseworthy
  • Baruch 
    • Meaning: one who has been blessed
  • Carlton 
    • Meaning: a settlement of free men
  • Dale 
    • Meaning: the one who dwells in a valley
  • Gabriel 
    • Meaning: strong and powerful
  • Hank 
    • Meaning: merciful ruler of God
  • Ivan 
    • Meaning: the precious gift of God
  • Joshua 
    • Meaning: generous
  • Kane 
    • Meaning: warrior’s son
  • Neil 
    • Meaning: champion of clouds
  • Rex 
    • Meaning: King of the universe
  • Steven 
    • Meaning: one who has been crowned
  • Vincent 
    • Meaning: victorious
  • Zion 
    • Meaning: a sign



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