Trying to come up with good comic book name ideas? Whether it’s alliterative or famous characters, here are some of the most popular comic book names.

Comic books are loaded with great, incredible names, not only for males. There have been loads of unique female characters to grace the pages of our beloved comic books throughout the long term. They may simply discover their direction to your child’s name list to check out!

In case you’re searching for a name for your super baby, look no farther than the superheroes that have covered the pages of comic books. Also, presently show up in each film on the big screen — for quite a long time. We’ve gathered a rundown of names enlivened by comic books and superheroes.

Comic Book Names for Boys and Girls

Comic Book Names For Boys

If you’re an eager comic book fan or simply searching for a name that implies strength and mental fortitude, take motivation from this broad rundown of superhero names for boys.

  • Allen
    • Meaning: Little rock
  • Arthur
    • Meaning: Bear
  • Barry
    • Meaning: Fair-haired
  • Clark
    • Meaning: Clerk
  • Conner
    • Meaning: Desire
  • Dick
    • Meaning: Brave ruler
  • Grayson
    • Meaning: Son of the gray-haired one”
  • Hal
    • Meaning: Army ruler
  • Kent
    • Meaning: Coastal Land
  • Monet
    • Meaning: To be heard
  • Oliver
    • Meaning: Descendants of the ancestors
  • Prince
    • Meaning: Royal Son
  • Randolph
    • Meaning: Shield wolf
  • Reed
    • Meaning: Red hair
  • Sawyer
    • Meaning: Woodcutter
  • Walker
    • Meaning: Fuller of cloth
  • Wayne
    • Meaning: Wagon driver
  • Storm
    • Meaning: A storm
  • Tandy
    • Meaning: Immortality

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Comic Book Names For Girls

If you’re an eager comic book fan, or simply searching for a name that implies strength and mental fortitude, take motivation from this broad rundown of superhero names for girls.

  • Barbara
    • Meaning: Stranger
  • Beatriz
    • Meaning: Bringer of Joy
  • Carol
    • Meaning: Free person
  • Courtney
    • Meaning: A french dynasty
  • Cynthia
    • Meaning: From Kinthos
  • Diana
    • Meaning: Divine
  • Kara
    • Meaning: Dear
  • Kate
    • Meaning: Pure
  • Lynn
    • Meaning: From the lake
  • Maxine
    • Meaning: Greatest
  • Nura
    • Meaning: Light
  • Renee
    • Meaning: Reborn
  • Sapphire
    • Meaning: Gemstone
  • Stephanie
    • Meaning: Crown
  • Susan
    • Meaning: Lily

cool Comic Book Names for Boys and Girls

Superhero Names

Superhero child names take their motivation from the superheroes of the large and small screens and the pages of comic books. A superhero name would be appropriate for your kid if you are motivated by the imaginary universes of wrongdoing battling and city-saving.

In case you’re hoping to give your little one a superhuman name, fortune has smiled on you. Here are the top superhero names to browse.

  • Luna
    • Meaning: Moon
  • Iris
    • Meaning: Rainbow
  • Atlas
    • Meaning: Bearer of the heavens
  • Aurora
    • Meaning: Dawn
  • Violet
    • Meaning: Purple
  • Sebastian
    • Meaning: Person from the ancient city of Sebastia
  • Orion
    • Meaning: Rising star
  • Poppy
    • Meaning: Red flower
  • Nova
    • Meaning: New
  • Sage
    • Meaning: Wise
  • Cecilia
    • Meaning: Blind
  • Xavier
    • Meaning: New house
  • Maverick
    • Meaning: Independent
  • Luke
    • Meaning: Man from Lucania
  • Parker
    • Meaning: Park-keeper
  • Peter
    • Meaning: Rock
  • Odin
    • Meaning: God of frenzy
  • Ray
    • Meaning: Wise protector
  • Bruce
    • Meaning: From the brushwood thicket
  • Wolf
    • Meaning: Traveling wolf
  • Neo
    • Meaning: New; Gift
  • Quinn
    • Meaning: Intelligence
  • Diana
    • Meaning: Divine
  • Thor
    • Meaning: Thunder
  • Jade
    • Meaning: Stone of the side
  • Osiris
    • Meaning: With strong eyesight
  • Robin
    • Meaning: Bright fame
  • Sapphire
    • Meaning: Blue
  • Samson
    • Meaning: Sun
  • Leonardo
    • Meaning: Brave lion
  • Blaze
    • Meaning: Fire
  • Lilac
    • Meaning: Bluish; Lilac
  • Octavious
    • Meaning: Eight
  • Natasha
    • Meaning: Birthday of the Lord
  • Venus
    • Meaning: Beauty; Love
  • Phoenix
    • Meaning: Dark red
  • Indigo
    • Meaning: Indian dye
  • Harley
    • Meaning: The long field

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good Comic Book Names for Boys and Girls

Alliterative Comic Book Names

There are many comic books from the beginning of time that have had characters with alliterative names. Authors frequently use alliteration as a way to show the power of wordplay in their work.

Alliterative names are also effortlessly remembered by individuals making them ideal for books with loads of characters. Here is a rundown of alliterative names from comic books curated for you.

  • Bruce Banner
    • Meaning: The willow lands
  • J Jonah Jameson
    • Meaning: Dove; Pigeon
  • Lex Luther
    • Meaning: Man’s defender; Warrior
  • Lois Lane
    • Meaning: Warrior
  • Peter Parker
    • Meaning: Stone; Rock
  • Reed Richards
    • Meaning: Red hair
  • Robert Reynolds
    • Meaning: Fame; Glory
  • Scott Summers
    • Meaning: Wanderer
  • Wade Winston Wilson
    • Meaning: To go

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Alliterative Names from Movies/Films

Movies have loads of characters with alliterative names. These are effectively used to remember by the crowd. If you need to name your child after a cool film character with an alliterative name, this rundown has been curated for you.

  • Babe Bennett
    • Meaning: Little blessed one
  • Balthazar Blake
    • Meaning: God save the king
  • Benjamin Button
    • Meaning: Right hand of God
  • Betsy Bell
    • Meaning: Oath of God
  • Billy Brown
    • Meaning: Protector
  • Bobby Boucher
    • Meaning: The waterboy
  • Chris Cole
    • Meaning: Bearing Christ
  • Clara Clayton
    • Meaning: Clear and bright
  • Dale Denton
    • Meaning: Gift of God
  • Dawn Davenport
    • Meaning: Hope; Sunrise; Light
  • Donnie Darko
    • Meaning: Little angel
  • Donny Donowitz
    • Meaning: Like a stone
  • Francine Fishpaw
    • Meaning: Pretty flower
  • Grant Grant
    • Meaning: Tall and strong
  • Heather Holloway
    • Meaning: Graceful flower
  • Jared James
    • Meaning: He descends
  • Jenny Johnson
    • Meaning: Kind-hearted; Lovely
  • Linda Litske
    • Meaning: Beautiful
  • Nemo Nobody
    • Meaning: Little but mighty
  • Penny Priddy
    • Meaning: Richness; Priority

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Coolest Comic Book Names for Boys and Girls

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