Tap into the fantasy world with good elven names. Here are some awesome fantasy elf name ideas for your magical little one.

Elves are supernatural beings in the Elfin Mythology. They often possess magical powers and are good characters who bring victory to the good guys in any fantasy story. Many humans are fascinated with different mystical stories, including those which have Elf characters. Elves are one of the most famous characters in fantasy films and literature.

If you try to search for different Elf names online, you will be surprised to see so many different elvish names that you can use for your child. Most of the names are taken from the Lord of the Rings and Tolkien Universe in Elfin Mythology. 

If you are a fan of Elfin mythology and are looking for some of the coolest and trendy Elf names for your little ones, check out the list below. Bring out your nerdy and dorky side by choosing elf names for your upcoming precious babies. 

The names may sound strange, but the meanings behind them are unique. You will certainly not regret naming your babies after the good characters in mystical stories!

Fantasy Elf Names For Boys And Girls (With Meanings)

Elf Names for Boys

Wouldn’t it be cute to name your little boys after some of the popular Elf names? Many parents admire elves for being mischievous but swift. Here is a list of some enchanted Elf names you can use for your little munchkins. 

  • Albumin
    • Meaning: An elf comrade 
  • Aldon
    • Meaning A tree
  • Alf
    • Meaning: Elf
  • Algar
    • Meaning: Elf spear
  • Alvin
    • Meaning: An elf friend
  • Ave
    • Meaning: Elf
  • Bailey
    • Meaning: A judge 
  • Bari
    • Meaning: A magical being 
  • Baron
    • Meaning: A home
  • Bernard
    • Meaning: A brave bear
  • Callon
    • Meaning: A hero
  • Claude
    • Meaning: A lame being
  • Eldarion
    • Meaning: Son of the elves from the Lord of the Rings
  • Elfas
    • Meaning: Elf
  • Ernest
    • Meaning: A serious one 
  • Frodo
    • Meaning: A wise being
  • Garrett
    • Meaning: Support or saved
  • Gildor
    • Meaning: Someone who is a creator of joy or happiness
  • Hermey
    • Meaning: From popular culture 
  • Jack
    • Meaning: God is gracious 
  • Lindir
    • Meaning: A fair singer 
  • Niall
    • Meaning: To cloud
  • Nickel
    • Meaning: A goblin
  • Poldo
    • Meaning: One who is mighty and strong
  • Rohan
    • Meaning: A horse kingdom
  • Samuel
    • Meaning: A name of God
  • Sennin
    • Meaning: An immortal mountain fairy 
  • Tommy
    • Meaning: A twin 
  • Theoden
    • Meaning: A king or a ruler 
  • Wade
    • Meaning: To go forth, ford

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Elf Names for Girls

Girls can have elf names too! Girl elves are known to be gracious and quick-witted while still maintaining their sweetness to their fellow elves. 

If you would love your baby girl to have elvish names, check out the list below. The list presents some of the unique elf names for your baby girl. 

  • Ada
    • Meaning: A fairy 
  • Aerin
    • Meaning: Ocean
  • Agada
    • Meaning: A fairytale 
  • Alfifa
    • Meaning: A gift from the elves
  • Alfreda
    • Meaning: Counsel
  • Alma
    • Meaning: Maiden garland with a good fortune
  • Alva
    • Meaning: An elf
  • Amethyst
    • Meaning: Intoxicated or drunk
  • Anna
    • Meaning: A gift
  • Ardulriina
    • Meaning: A blessed enchanter 
  • Ariel
    • Meaning: the lion of God
  • Aubree
    • Meaning: A ruler
  • Elva
    • Meaning: A friend
  • Elynea
    • Meaning: A beautiful and powerful being
  • Estel
    • Meaning: A hope or trust 
  • Fay
    • Meaning: A fairy 
  • Freda
    • Meaning: Tranquility
  • Galadriel
    • Meaning: A crowned maiden with a radiant garland 
  • Haleth
    • Meaning: the holy one 
  • Joan
    • Meaning: God is gracious
  • Lamina
    • Meaning: a nymph
  • Lia
    • Meaning: A thread
  • Melaine
    • Meaning: black or dark
  • Nessa
    • Meaning: A youthful one 
  • Olivia
    • Meaning: An elf warrior
  • Parisa
    • Meaning: Like a fairy
  • Rina
    • Meaning: the crowned one
  • Sheelin
    • Meaning: The lake of the fairy pool
  • Teniya
    • Meaning: A fairy queen
  • Vila
    • Meaning: Fairy
  • Vilde
    • Meaning: A bat of the elves 

Fantasy Elf Names (With Meanings)

Wood Elf Names

Wood elves or “Bosmer” are quick-footed and agile characters. They are highly intuitive and have heightened senses as well. From a physical aspect, wood elves have green-colored skin with dark-colored hair. They turned away from civilization to live in the wilderness and be one with nature. 

Wood elves are the most common elves used in the game Dungeons and Dragons. If you want something unique for your babies, we have compiled a combination of first and second names if you want your babies to have weird but cool wood elf names. 

  • Aethin Elmwood
  • Arletrin Greenbark
  • Ashe Littlebow
  • Astra Camoscrub
  • Bellas Greenstone
  • Dakath Oakenlock
  • Darle Greenstone
  • Darlevel Timberwing
  • Dhervillal Oakdale
  • Eles Pinevale
  • Ellaeddyf Springbook
  • Esha Duskrock
  • Halanestra Hazelnose
  • Jhaer Ivyshade 
  • Kalgan Camomire
  • Lathai Applesmall
  • Nande Acornrock
  • Phela Sagewing
  • Phenaendith Willowvale 
  • Qastra Bluethorn
  • Scaelloslaen Willowrun
  • Sithah Pineblossom
  • Strascalu Ferngrove
  • Symkalr Greenbark
  • Thadoc Balfthorn
  • Tharla Watercup
  • Wyn Acornvale
  • Zarnan Elmwood

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High Elf Names

High Elves are intelligent and very graceful beings in Elfin mythology. Physically, they have a slim and athletic physique with fair skin. They have a stronger resistance to many enchantment goals. They are strong-willed and have high agility. Below is a list of high elf names that you can use for your baby boy or girl. 

High elf names may sound strange, but they sound poetic and unique to many people. If you want your babies to have peculiar elvish names, check out the list below. 

  • Ardaarya Saelinaerith
  • Arenil Laraethaen
  • Byleya Zapernael
  • Caronuira Aelsinorinh
  • Cindtalaure Loreifeth
  • Cirlia Salingire
  • Eldrilion Loraelahl
  • Erisna Loraethaen
  • Hirtdurcar Loreaen
  • Irolenede Rrostahl
  • Jovranil Faeian
  • Kornrenil Elsinihre
  • Lindeura Rainahl
  • Lillanbir Faeonin
  • Lyrielle Ullanor
  • Mirlae Camire
  • Neririlamil Alkinious
  • Nirnden Athor
  • Qorqinduel Laretheus
  • Reldwen Thromthar
  • Taalene Athfaere
  • Treconl Salingonin
  • Tuiorne Granlock
  • Ulunxirion Korire
  • Yakwilnil Graybial
  • Zenoath Charmfhaer
  • Zenoea Moonael

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Dark Elf Names

Dark elves are one of the most aggressive and brutal creatures. They are physically violent and would show no mercy when in battle. 

Naming your babies after your favorite dark elf may sound strange. However, there is nothing wrong with it. Who knows, maybe your babies would love their rare names when they grow up? If you want to name your babies after these aggressive creatures, choose from the list below. 

  • Scale Ghenrus
  • Apinso Migire
  • Avuho Mirde
  • Braervedh Sobazral
  • Brilruis Woldra
  • Brolvurth Dildril
  • Chmnusu Chagror
  • Coroda Krugniec
  • Dhaekliec Dasedit
  • Dhybzor Biarah
  • Enuksi Azrec
  • Fiemruc Chistrain
  • Girvuih Dugren
  • Khirnil Pelvedos
  • Nogorth Yinregoc 
  • Ocelnu Windrogi 
  • Onlor Mananvrith
  • Osibu Bunze
  • Rharakli Dandroc
  • Udobro Bumishro
  • Ylrio Neistrine

Fantasy Elf Names For Boys And Girls (With Meanings)

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