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Trying to find the best names meaning fire? Check out this list of fantastic names that mean fire and see if any of them spark your interest.

There’s lots of reasons to name something after the element of fire. Perhaps your baby will have a fiery spirit? Or you know that he or she will be born under the zodiac fire sign of astrology?

The symbol of fire can also be inspiring. Fire (albeit a little dangerous) can mean light, inspiration, warmth. To some it cam be wisdom or generative power of life and change.

In the act of kindling or stoking a fire, one is tending to its needs and taking care of it. This could be representative of the bond between parent and child.

Whatever your reason for choosing a name inspired by fire, there’s sure to be the right fiery name for your newest family member.

Fantastic Names That Mean Fire That Will Spark Some Joy

Fantastic Baby Names Meaning Fire To Spark Some Interest, Fiery baby names ideas

Boy names meaning fire

  • Aidan/Aiden/Ayden
    • Meaning: little fire
  • Alev
    • Meaning: Turkish name for fire
  • Anshul
    • Meaning: sunbeam
  • Apollo
    • Meaning: Manly beauty; In Greek mythology, Apollo was the god who drove his fiery chariot (the sun) through the sky.
  • Azar
    • Meaning: Iranian name for fire
  • Barak
    • Meaning: Lightning
  • Blaise/Blaze
    • From the word ‘blaze’ as in ‘fire blaze’ or ‘blaze of glory
  • Brando
    • Meaning: Italian name for firebrand; sword
  • Brantley
    • Meaning: German name for fire
  • Branton/Brenton
    • Meaning: dweller of the burnt town
  • Cole
    • Associated with the word coal, as in charcoal which is used to make fire
  • Conleth
    • Meaning; chaste fire
  • Cyrus
    • Meaning: Persian name for sun
  • Drake
    • Meaning: dragon
  • Egan
    • Meaning: Irish name for little fire
  • Fintan
    • Meaning: Irish name for white fire or white bull
  • Flint
    • From the word ‘flint’, a stone used to make fire

Fantastic Baby Names Meaning Fire To Spark Some Interest, Fiery baby names ideas

  • Haco
    • Meaning: Celtic name for fire; flame
  • Hagan
    • Meaning: Irish name for little fire
  • Hakan
    • Meaning: Native American name for fire
  • Horus
    • Meaning: Egyptian name for sun god
  • Ignacio/Ignatius/Inigo
    • Meaning: Fire; Fiery
  • Kai
    • Meaning: Scottish name for fire
  • Keahi
    • Meaning: Hawaiian name for flames
  • Keegan
    • Meaning: Son of fire
  • Kenna
    • Meaning: From Gaelic origins; born of fire
  • Kenneth
    • Meaning: born of fire; handsome
  • Loki
    • Meaning: Norse trickster god associated with magic and fire
  • Mccoy
    • Meaning: Irish name of fire
  • Phoenix
    • Meaning: a mythical bird that rises from the ashes of flames; dark red
  • Reese/Rhys
    • Meaning: ardent; fire
  • Sampson
    • Meaning: Hebrew name for sun
  • Tyson
    • Meaning: firebrand
  • Vulcan
    • Meaning: Roman god of fire

Fantastic Baby Names Meaning Fire To Spark Some Interest, Fiery baby names ideas

Girl names meaning fire

  • Alinta
    • Meaning: Noongar name for fire; flame
  • Anala
    • Meaning: Hindi name for fire
  • Angarika
    • Meaning: Hindi name for flame of the forest
  • Aster
    • Meaning: star; flower
  • Bedelia
    • Meaning: Celtic goddess of fire
  • Bren
    • Meaning: German name for flame
  • Brigid/Bridget
    • Meaning: Irish goddess of fire and poetry
  • Calida
    • Meaning: Spanish name for heated
  • Damini
    • Meaning: Indian name for lightning
  • Electra
    • Meaning: Greek name for sparkling; fiery sun
  • Eliane
    • Meaning: sun
  • Elidi
    • Meaning: gift of the sun
  • Ember
    • From the word ’ember’, a smoldering piece of fire or coal
  • Emberly/Emberleigh
    • Derived from ’ember’; free spirit
  • Enya
    • Meaning: fire
  • Fiamma
    • Meaning: fire
  • Helia
    • Meaning: Greek name for sun
  • Hera
    • Meaning: Greek Goddess of the hearth/fireplace
  • Hestia
    • Meaning: Greek name for fireside; hearth
  • Idalia
    • Meaning: Italian name for ‘behold the sun’

Fantastic Baby Names Meaning Fire To Spark Some Interest, Fiery baby names ideas

  • Kalama
    • Meaning: Hawaiian name for flaming torch
  • Kalinda
    • Meaning: Hindi name for sun
  • Kindle
    • Meaning: to set fire
  • Oriane
    • Meaning: French name for sunrise
  • Salana
    • Meaning: Latin name for sun
  • Seraphina
    • Meaning: ardent; fiery
  • Solana
    • Meaning: Spanish name for sunshine
  • Soleil
    • Meaning: French word for sun
  • Stella/Estella
    • Meaning: star
  • Tana
    • Meaning: Greek name for sun or fire goddess
  • Vesta
    • Meaning: Roman Goddess of the hearth/fireplace


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