Trying to find a fantastic french boy name for your son? Check out these male french baby names for your little guy.

France is well-known for its stunning scenery, gastronomy, wine, and rich history and culture. It is enthralling, from the snow-capped Alps to the Riviera coast to the renowned Eiffel Tower in the City of Lights and Love. It is a popular tourist attraction, but it has also significantly impacted art, fashion, and literature.

France is also known for its beautiful and sophisticated language, which provides for excellent baby name inspiration. There are several reasons why you should give your little man a French name.

It may be to honor your ancestors, or you could simply be a fan of all things French, or you enjoy the sound of the name, or you’re looking for something out of the ordinary. Whether you’re looking for masculine french names that are unique, popular, or just “très bon”, there’s sure to be a boy french name for you. For more inspiration, check out these adorable french baby names for your newborn son.

100+ Fantastic French Baby Names For Boys (With Meanings)

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Most Popular French Boy Names With Meanings

Here are some common and unique French baby boy names, along with their meanings!

  • Antoine
    • Meaning: praiseworthy and priceless
  • Armand
    • Meaning: an army soldier
  • Brice
    • Meaning: speckled; son of a nobleman
  • Claude
    • Meaning: lame, crippled, and limping
  • Denis
    • Meaning: devoted to the wine god, Dionysius
  • Frederic
    • Meaning: peaceful ruler
  • Gabriel
    • Meaning: God is the strength and hero
  • Gilbert
    • Meaning: pledge, promise
  • Guy
    • Meaning: guide, leader
  • Hugo
    • Meaning: of mind and spirit
  • Jacques
    • Meaning: the one that comes after or replaces
  • Jean
    • Meaning: God is gracious
  • Jules
    • Meaning: forever young
  • Leo
    • Meaning: bold like a lion
  • Louis
    • Meaning: brave warrior
  • Luc
    • Meaning: the light
  • Marc
    • Meaning: warlike
  • Marcel
    • Meaning: a little warrior
  • Maurice
    • Meaning: having dark skin
  • Nicolas
    • Meaning: a victory of the people
  • Noel
    • Meaning: Born on Christmas Day
  • Orville
    • Meaning: from the gold town
  • Pascal
    • Meaning: Born at Easter Time
  • Paul
    • Meaning: little one
  • Percival
    • Meaning: piercing; pierce the veil
  • Pierre
    • Meaning: solid like a rock
  • Quentin
    • Meaning: the fifth one
  • Raphael
    • Meaning: healed by God
  • René
    • Meaning: born again
  • Richard
    • Meaning: strong ruler
  • Roy
    • Meaning: a king, royal; red-haired
  • Russell
    • Meaning: having red hair, fox-colored
  • Sacha
    • Meaning: defender of humankind
  • Samuel
    • Meaning: asked of God
  • Sébastien
    • Meaning: revered, respected, and adored
  • Simon
    • Meaning: God has heard
  • Sinclair
    • Meaning: From Saint Claire
  • Théo
    • Meaning: gift and blessing from God
  • Travis
    • Meaning: to cross over at the crossroads
  • Tristan
    • Meaning: sad and full of sorrow; noise; bold
  • Valentin
    • Meaning: healthy and valiant
  • Victor
    • Meaning: the winner

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French Royal Boy Names

If you want your little boy to take after the names of French royalty, you don’t need to look any further. We have compiled some of the most famous names used by nobles!

  • Alexandre
    • Meaning: defending men
  • Alphonse
    • Meaning: noble, ready for battle
  • Alric
    • Meaning: wise ruler
  • Arthur
    • Meaning: noble one; bear
  • Auguste
    • Meaning: great, magnificent
  • Aurélin
    • Meaning: golden
  • Augustin
    • Meaning: majestic
  • Basile
    • Meaning: royal, kingly
  • Brice
    • Meaning: nobleman
  • Charles
    • Meaning: strong and manly; free man
  • Dagobert
    • Meaning: bright day
  • Eudes
    • Meaning: old French for of Otto; child
  • Ferdinand
    • Meaning: bold voyager
  • François
    • Meaning: a man from France
  • Philippe
    • Meaning: one who loves and befriends horses
  • Rainier
    • Meaning: strong counselor
  • Ricard
    • Meaning: powerful ruler
  • Valère
    • Meaning: strong and healthy
  • Vilem
    • Meaning: resolute protector

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Unique French Boy Names

However, if you want something that can make your little one stand out more, here is a list of unique names you can choose from!

  • Ademar
    • Meaning: strong and famous
  • Beau
    • Meaning: handsome
  • Chasse
    • Meaning: hunter
  • Durant
    • Meaning: steadfast
  • Édouard
    • Meaning: rich guard
  • Enzo
    • Meaning: home ruler
  • Gabin
    • Meaning: from Gabii, an ancient Italian city
  • Gaétan
    • Meaning: from Caieta
  • Godard
    • Meaning: strong God
  • Gilen
    • Meaning: vow or oath
  • Jarret
    • Meaning: mighty spearman
  • Loan
    • Meaning: good light
  • Loïc
    • Meaning: famous warrior
  • Maël
    • Meaning: chief, prince
  • Maxence
    • Meaning: greatest
  • Noé
    • Meaning: rest and repose
  • Rémy
    • Meaning: oarsman; remedy
  • Renard
    • Meaning: fox, brave
  • Timeo
    • Meaning: honoring God

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Celebrity French Boy Names

Many well-known celebrities and pop culture personalities from the French-speaking world, such as France and French Canada, have lovely and distinctive French names. Here are some of our favorites!

  • Chandler
    • Meaning: person who sells candles
  • Gaston
    • Meaning: from Gascony in southwest France; the foreigner, the guest
  • Grant
    • Meaning: great, large
  • Matisse
    • Meaning: present of God
  • Olivier
    • Meaning: form of Oliver; olive; olive tree
  • Thomas
    • Meaning: twin
  • Timothée
    • Meaning: honor
  • Yves
    • Meaning: an archer

Royal French Boys Names

Look to French royalty for some classic male French names. Here are some traditional and historic French royal names that have been used for boys.

    • Louis (such as Louis XIV, the Sun King)
    • Charles (such as Charles IX, who reigned during the French Wars of Religion)
    • Henri (such as Henri II and Henri IV)
    • Francis (such as Francis I and Francis II)
    • Philippe (such as Philippe II, known as Philip Augustus)
    • Louis-Philippe (the last king of France, who reigned from 1830 to 1848)
    • Louis-Auguste (the birth name of King Louis XVI)
    • François (such as François II)
    • Louis-Charles (the second son of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette)
    • Antoine (such as Antoine de Bourbon, King of Navarre and father of Henry IV)

These names have a long history in French royalty, and are still considered classic and elegant choices for a baby boy’s name.

When you’re done checking out these french boy name ideas, try looking into some French girl names.


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