Hunting for the perfect Hawaiian girl name for your daughter? These beautiful Hawaiian names for girls will have you feeling a lot of aloha.

If you are searching for lovely Hawaiian names for girls, this is your lucky day. We have enlisted more than 100 of the most brilliant Hawaiian names and their implications in this article. 

Additionally, It is accepted that the name ought to reverberate with the kid as it can impact her future. Therefore, the reason why you have to be exceptionally cautious while picking your child’s name. 

Hawaii is honored with spectacular excellence. Its tranquil seashores, great green woods, and volcanoes make it one of the most lovely islands on the planet. In addition, the picturesque environmental elements of Hawaii impact the names of local people, particularly girl names.

Whether you come from a Hawaiian family or need your child to have a delightful or conventional Hawaiian name, check our rundown underneath for motivations.

Hawaiian Baby Names For Girls (With Meanings)

Most Popular Hawaiian Girl Names

In case you are searching for the most well known Hawaiian names for your little girl, you’ll track down an immense scope of suggestive, fascinating monikers to browse our rundown:

  • Alana 

            Meaning: Awakening

  • Anela 

             Meaning: Angel

  • Aolani 

            Meaning: Heavenly Cloud

  • Kaia 

             Meaning: Fast Asleep

  •  Leilani 

             Meaning: Heavenly Child

  • Kailani 

             Meaning: Beach, Sky

  •  Kalena

             Meaning:  Radiate

  •  Mahina  

             Meaning: Moon

  •  Edena 

             Meaning: Eden

  •  Heiau 

             Meaning: Temple

  •  Iolani 

             Meaning: Bird Of Heaven

  •  Kaili 

             Meaning: Departing spirit

  •  Kalea 

             Meaning: Prayers

  •  Laka 

             Meaning: Goddess of the hula

  •  Lani 

             Meaning: Heaven, Sky

  •  Lani-kai 

             Meaning: Heavenly Beach

  •  Mana’o 

             Meaning: Thoughts

  •  Na’au 

             Meaning: Heart, Mind

  •  Nalani 

             Meaning: The Heavens

  •  Noelani 

             Meaning: Heavenly Mist, Beautiful Girl From Heaven

  •  Pele 

             Meaning: Volcano Goddess

  •  Pule 

             Meaning: Prayer
Hawaiian Baby Names For Girls

Cute Hawaiian Girl Names

Here are some cute Hawaiian girl names for your cute baby. 

  •  Alani 

             Meaning: Orange tree

  •  Aloha 

             Meaning: Hello, Goodbye

  •  Ani 

             Meaning: Beautiful

  •  Hanalei 

             Meaning: Crescent Bay,  Garland Valley

  •  Hoku 

             Meaning: Night of Full Moon

  •  Kai 

             Meaning: Sea

  •  Kaia 

             Meaning: To Rejoice

  •  Kailani 

             Meaning: Sea, Sky

  •  Kala 

             Meaning: Virtue, Princess

  •  Kane 

             Meaning: Warrior

  •  Keanu 

             Meaning: Cool Breeze Over The Mountains

  •  Leilani 

             Meaning: Heavenly Flower

  •  Lilia 

             Meaning: Lily

  •  Lilo 

             Meaning: Generous One

  •  Malia 

             Meaning: Bitter

  •  Moana 

             Meaning: Deep Ocean, Sea

  •  Naia 

             Meaning: Dolphin, Wave, Sea Foam

  •  Nakoa 

             Meaning: Brave one
Hawaiian baby girl names

Hawaiian Girl Names That Are Easy To Pronounce

Looking for Hawaiian names that are easy to pronounce that will give you a nice tropical vibe? Let us help you find the perfect name by choosing in this list:

  •  Nalani

             Meaning: Heaven, Chief

  •  Akela

             Meaning: Honorable, Brightness 

  •  Kaila

             Meaning: Style, Peaceful Sea 

  •  Noelani

             Meaning: Serenity of Heavens 

  •  Lilo

             Meaning: Generous One

  •  Noe

             Meaning: Mist, Misty

  •  Malie

             Meaning: Calm, Tranquil 

  •  Haukea

             Meaning: Snow White

  •  Nana

             Meaning: a Star; Month in Spring; Grace

  •  Allana

             Meaning: Calmness, Serenity, Tranquility

  •  Halia

             Meaning: Remembrance of a Loved One

  •  Pele

             Meaning:  Goddess of Fire/Volcano 

  •  Kalama

             Meaning: Flaming Torch

  •  Luana

             Meaning: Enjoyment
unique Hawaiian girl Names

Unique Hawaiian Girl Names

However, if you’re hoping to keep away from the more familiar Hawaiian girls names, you might consider choosing these more one of a kind choices:

  •  Kaili

             Meaning: Deity

  •  Ailana

             Meaning: Island

  •  Palila

             Meaning: Bird

  •  Akela

             Meaning: Noble, Lucky

  •  Kamea

             Meaning: Only

  •  Pua

             Meaning: Lovely Flower

  •  Iona

             Meaning: Namesake

  •  Eleu

             Meaning: Lively

  •  Mele

             Meaning: Poem, Music

  •  Alohi

             Meaning: Shining, Brilliant

  • Emalia

             Meaning: Excel

  •  Iolanal

             Meaning:  To Soar

  •  Nohea

            Meaning: Lovely

  •  Waiola 

             Meaning: Violet Flower

  •   Pauhai

             Meaning: Fire is Over

When you’re done checking out these Hawaiian girl name ideas, try looking into some Hawaiian Boy Names.



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