Embrace your free spirit and consider hippie names for your son. Here are some whimsical male hippie names for your new baby boy.

Whether you’re searching for a sweet 60s and 70s vibe, or a cutting edge boho child name, you’re in the perfect spot! This list of hippie child names is inspired by nature, earth, sun, and water! 

A hippie boy’s name will consistently be in style with its vibe, great energies, and sentimentality. Explore our blend of hippie names for boys for inspiration!

Handsome Hippie Names For Boys (With Meanings)

Hippie Flower Names for Boys

It’s shockingly hard to have a masculine derived from flowers. With that, I have enlisted some incredible male flower-inspired names!

  • Aster
    • Meaning: Daisy-Like Flower 
  • Bud
    • Meaning: Flower Buds
  • Miller
    • Meaning: Silver-Leaved Perennial Flower 
  • Quince
    • Meaning: Apple-Like Fruit
  • Ren
    • Meaning: Lotus 
  • Rhodes
    • Meaning: Where Roses Grow 

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Trees/Plant Inspired Names for Boys

Nature-cherishing families can’t turn out badly with these solid and simple nature-inspired child names. Here are some boy names propelled from the trees and plants.

  • Alder
    • Meaning: Alder Tree’s Wood Used to Make Electric Guitars
  • Arlow or Arlo
    • Meaning: Adaptable and Hardy Shrub 
  • Asher
    • Meaning: Blessed; Happy
  • Birch
    • Meaning: Slender Tree 
  • Calyx
    • Meaning: Husk; Pod
  • Cane or Kane
    • Meaning: A Stalk of Sugar 
  • Carver
    • Meaning: Woodcarver 
  • Cedar
    • Meaning: Beautiful Tree with Scented Wood 
  • Forrest
    • Meaning: A land of trees 
  • Hollis
    • Meaning: Holly Tree with Red Berries 
  • Huck
    • Meaning: State Fruit of Idaho 
  • Lyndon
    • Meaning: Large Tree with A Sturdy Trunk 
  • Perry
    • Meaning: dweller near a pear tree 
  • Reed or Reid
    • Meaning: Tall Grass; Red-Headed 
  • Ripley
    • Meaning: A Strip of Clearing in the Woods 
  • Rowan
    • Meaning: A Reddish-Brown Tree
  • Sage
    • Meaning: Herb with Grayish-Green Leaves; Wise 
  • Silas
    • Meaning: a man of the forest
  • Timber
    • Meaning: Growing Trees; Wood Suitable For Building 

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Handsome hippie boy names With Meanings

Hippie Earth-Inspired Names for Boys

These natural kid names are about the land: the slopes, mountains, and crude materials. Here are some male names that mean earth:

  • Berg
    • Meaning: Mountain; Cliff 
  • Brent
    • Meaning: A Steep Hill 
  • Canyon
    • Meaning: Gorge with a River Flowing Through 
  • Clay
    • Meaning: Fine-Grained Earth 
  • Cliff
    • Meaning: Steep Rock Face 
  • Coal or Cole
    • Meaning: A Natural Resource 
  • Denver
    • Meaning: Green Valley; Place in Colorado 
  • Everest
    • Meaning: The world’s tallest mountain
  • Hutton
    • Meaning: A Ridge Enclosure 
  • Jasper
    • Meaning: Treasure Bringer
  • Jet
    • Meaning: Coal-Like Organic Gemstone 
  • Knox
    • Meaning: Round-Topped Hill 
  • Lander
    • Meaning: Territory 
  • Lyle
    • Meaning: One Who Lives On An Island
  • Onyx
    • Meaning: A Black Gemstone 
  • Ridge
    • Meaning: An Elevated Strip of Land 
  • Sawyer
    • Meaning: Woodcutter 
  • Stone
    • Meaning:  Solid as a Rock 

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male hippie names With Meanings

Boy Names that Mean Sun And Fire

These are a few “hot” hippie names for young boys that make certain to start your interest!

  • Abner
    • Meaning: Father of Light; Creator of the Sun and Stars 
  • Aiden
    • Meaning: Little Fire; Attractive 
  • Blaze
    • Meaning: A Fiercely Burning Fire
  • Brenton
    • Meaning: A Fire or Flame; A Town of Fire 
  • Flint
    • Meaning: A Stone That Makes a Spark 
  • Iggy
    • Meaning: Fiery One 
  • Nova
    • Meaning: Light Bursting Star; New
  • Sorin or Soren
    • Meaning: The Sun; A Name That Soars

Water-Inspired Names for Boys

Any of these child names for young men make certain to make a splash. 

  • Brooks
    • Meaning: Small Streams 
  • Calder
    • Meaning: Rocky Water
  • Callan
    • Meaning: Flowing Water 
  • Dylan
    • Meaning: Son of the Sea
  • Hurley
    • Meaning: Sea Tide
  • Kai
    • Meaning: Sea; Ocean
  • Moses
    • Meaning: Delivered from River 
  • Nile
    • Meaning: Longest river in Africa; Champion 
  • Remy
    • Meaning: Oarsman; One Who Drives a Boat
  • River
    • Meaning: Flowing Water 
  • Rivo
    • Meaning: Stream 
  • Trent or Trenton
    • Meaning: Gushing or Flooding Water 
  • Wade
    • Meaning: At the River Crossing
  • Zale
    • Meaning: The Power of the Sea

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60+ Handsome Hippie Names For Boys (With Meanings)

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