Trying to find pretty hispanic names for girls? Tie in your culture with these charming hispanic girl name ideas for your daughter.

The origins of Spanish baby names may be traced back to history, literature, and religion. Characters like Martina and Sofia are fashionable, but Cecilia and Isabel are timeless.

You could wish to pick a Spanish name to commemorate your ancestors or carry down a family name. While many others enjoy and appreciate the Spanish language and culture or a certain reputation within it.

Finally, you can choose a name that represents your culture! That being said, choose any Spanish or Spanish-inspired name that you love so that people will relate to it.

Here’s a selection of Hispanic names you can choose for your little girls!

popular Hispanic Names For Girls (With Meanings)

Most Popular Hispanic Girl Names

You can’t go wrong with choosing a popular Hispanic name for your little girl. Here are the names you can choose from.

  •  Adrianna
    • Meaning: a person from Hadria
  • Amanda
    • Meaning: worthy of love
  • Amy
    • Meaning: The beloved one
  • Angelica
    • Meaning: Messenger of God
  • Alejandra
    • Meaning: a protector and defender of humankind
  • Aurora
    • Meaning: the dawn or the sunrise
  • Catalina
    • Meaning: One who is pure
  • Cecilia
    • Meaning: blind
  • Clara
    • Meaning: clear or bright
  • Claudia
    • Meaning: lame, disabled, and limping
  • Elisa
    • Meaning: devoted to God
  • Emilia
    • Meaning: a rival and competitor
  • Gloria
    • Meaning: glorious and full of praise
  • Isabel
    • Meaning: one who loves and commits to God
  • Natalia
    • Meaning: born on Christmas Day
  • Paula
    • Meaning: small and petite
  • Pilar
    • Meaning: a pillar of strength
  • Ramona
    • Meaning: a wise protector
  • Rosa
    • Meaning: like a rose blossom
  • Savanna
    • Meaning: open plans or grassland without trees
  • Selena
    • Meaning: the moon
  • Sierra
    • Meaning: from the mountains
  • Sofia
    • Meaning: one having great wisdom
  • Soledad
    • Meaning: solitude or solitary
  • Tia
    • Meaning: a princess
  • Yolanda
    • Meaning: modest and beautiful like a violet flower

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unique Hispanic Names For Girls (With Meanings)

Unique Hispanic Girl Names

If you want your little daughter to stand out from the crowd, then this list of unique Hispanic names will help!

  • Adamaris
    • Meaning: noble of the sea
  • Agueda
    • Meaning: good
  • Allegra
    • Meaning: joy
  • Alondra
    • Meaning: a lark
  • Amanda
    • Meaning: the beloved one
  • Ariadna
    • Meaning: utterly pure
  • Concepción
    • Meaning: The Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary
  • Consuelo
    • Meaning: one who gives comfort and provides consolation
  • Eugenia
    • Meaning: regal and born into high society
  • Fabiola
    • Meaning: a bean
  • Guadalupe
    • Meaning: derived from the Guadalupe River or a town in Spain
  • Isidora
    • Meaning: strong and beautiful gift
  • Mercedes
    • Meaning: merciful
  • Milagros
    • Meaning: miracles
  • Mireia
    • Meaning: to admire
  • Paloma
    • Meaning: beautiful dove
  • Susanita
    • Meaning: lily
  • Teofila
    • Meaning: God’s friends
  • Tonia
    • Meaning: invaluable
  • Trini
    • Meaning: the holy trinity
  • Valentia
    • Meaning: power
  • Veronica
    • Meaning: bringer of victory
  • Violeta
    • Meaning: violet flower
  • Ynez
    • Meaning: the holy one
  • Zarita
    • Meaning: noble lady; princess

Short Hispanic Girl Names

We’ve got you covered with a list of short and sweet names to make the day a little bit more enjoyable.

  • Ana
    • Meaning: favor, grace
  • Cruz
    • Meaning: the cross
  • Dulce
    • Meaning: sweet like candy
  • Elena
    • Meaning: beautiful, bright, and shining light
  • Jade
    • Meaning: green; like the gemstone
  • Laura
    • Meaning: crowned in a laurel; from the laurel tree
  • Lola
    • Meaning: One who is full of sorrow
  • Lucia
    • Meaning: the light
  • Luisa
    • Meaning: a warrior
  • Paz
    • Meaning: peaceful
  • Sara
    • Meaning: the noble lady or a princess
  • Sens
    • Meaning: the holy one
  • Sol
    • Meaning: the sun

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cute Hispanic Names For Girls (With Meanings)

Beautiful Hispanic Girl Names

Here are some beautiful and classic Hispanic names for girls. You can certainly find one that will suit your little girl!

  •  Adalina
    • Meaning: the little noble one
  • Adora
    • Meaning: adoration
  • Esperanza
    • Meaning: hope
  • Gabriela
    • Meaning: God is the strength and hero
  • Juana
    • Meaning: God is gracious and merciful
  • Juliana
    • Meaning: forever young
  • Leticia
    • Meaning: joy and happiness
  • Margarita
    • Meaning: pearl or daisy flower
  • Marina
    • Meaning: from the sea who loves the sea
  • Mariposa
    • Meaning: a butterfly
  • Marisol
    • Meaning: the solitude of the Virgin Mary or the sun and the sea

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Unisex Hispanic Girl Names

If you don’t want your little girl’s name to be purely feminine, then you can also try out these unisex names. These gender-neutral Hispanic girl names are unique for your little ones. 

  •  Aguilar
    • Meaning: the haunt of eagles
  • Amadis
    • Meaning: God’s love
  • Ángel
    • Meaning: A messenger
  • Ávila
    • Meaning: desired; island, water
  • Belen
    • Meaning: Bethlehem or House of Bread
  • Claude
    • Meaning: disabled or lame
  • Dani
    • Meaning: God judges
  • Desi:
    • Meaning: the desired one
  • Elia
    • Meaning: my God is Jehovah
  • Fran
    • Meaning: the free one
  • Gabi
    • Meaning: God is my strength
  • Ginez
    • Meaning: man
  • Jules
    • Meaning: the youthful one
  • Madrid
    • Meaning: riverbed and derived from the city
  • Marion
    • Meaning: a star of the sea
  • Naolin
    • Meaning: Aztec God of the Sun

What Does Hispanic Mean?

The term “Hispanic” refers to people who are from, or have ancestry from, Spanish-speaking countries. This includes countries such as Mexico, Spain, Central and South American countries, and some Caribbean countries.

The term “Hispanic” is primarily used to refer to ethnicity or cultural identity, rather than race or nationality. People who identify as Hispanic may have a range of racial backgrounds, including White, Black, Indigenous, and mixed-race.

It’s worth noting that the term “Hispanic” is not universally embraced, and some people prefer to use more specific terms to describe their heritage and identity. For example, someone might identify as Mexican American, Puerto Rican, or Cuban American, rather than simply as Hispanic.

Overall, the term “Hispanic” is one way to describe a broad group of people who share a common cultural heritage, but it’s important to recognize that this group is diverse and complex, with many different cultural traditions, languages, and identities.

100+ Gorgeous and Unique Hispanic Names For Girls (With Meanings)

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