Hunting around for the best name for your houseplant? Consider these funny and cute houseplant name ideas for your new “roommate”.

Do you want to find the best names for your plants? When you name your plants, you give them a personality. That way makes it easier for you to care for them properly.

Plant naming is no longer considered unusual; now, everyone does it! However, naming a plant can be challenging. Most owners try to select a humorous plant name that will make them laugh every time they water their plants.

Why Name your Houseplant?

Naming your plant family helps you form a stronger bond with them and gives you a reason to start talking to them. Additionally, talking to plants has been shown to have a calming effect and make some people feel less lonely. Sprinkle a little bit of your love on your plants and watch them grow faster!

Finally, here’s a list of the best names for your house plants. Enjoy!

Cute and Funny Houseplant Name Ideas

Cute House Plant Names

Just like your houseplant, it’s sweet and simple. You can go for something cuter with our adorable plant-inspired names! Or, you could choose something that’s inspired by its natural color.

Here’s a list of the cutest names that are suitable for your house plants. 

 ○ Blossom

 ○ Bud

 ○ Chloe (green shoot)

 ○ Cutie

 ○ Emerald

 ○ Esmeralda

 ○ Fern

 ○ Flora

 ○ Goldie

 ○ Jade

 ○ Lily 

 ○ Minnie

 ○ Olive

 ○ Pearl 

 ○ Penelope

 ○ Penny

 ○ Prickles

 ○ Ruby

 ○ Sage

 ○ Succa (Succulent)

 ○ Sunny 

 ○ Sylvia/Sylvie

 ○ Vera (Short for Aloe Vera)

 ○ Verde (Green)

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clever Houseplant Name Ideas

Celebrity Pun Plant Names

With one of these punny takes on celebrity names, you can draw inspiration from pop culture’s musicians, actors, politicians, and artists. Some group names are even appropriate for plant families.

 ○ Burnie Sanders (Aloe Vera Plant)

 ○ Cactus Everdeen (Cactus)

 ○ Elvis Parsley (Herb Plant)

 ○ Justin Timberlake

 ○ MC Hammer (Cactus)

 ○ Morgan Treeman (Indoor Tree)

 ○ Orlando Bloom

 ○ Sir Pokes-a-Lot (Cactus)

 ○ Snake Gyllenhaal (Snake Plant)

 ○ Tree Diddy (Indoor Tree)

 ○ Simon and Garfunkel (A Plant Duo)

 ○ Spice Girls (A Group of Herb Plants)

 ○ Vincent Van Grow

Funny Plant Names

Your plant has unique characteristics, and the name should reflect that. 

Take inspiration from our punny list of names below: 

 ○ Fluffy

 ○ Spot

 ○ Buddy

 ○ Lassie

 ○ Ruff

 ○ Mr. Whiskers

 ○ Spark / Sparky

 ○ Seed / Seedy

 ○ Leaf / Leafy / Leafie

 ○ Flower / Flowery

 ○ Bud / Buddy

 ○ Nut / Nutty

 ○ Thorn / Thorny

 ○ Spike / Spikey

 ○ Stem / Stemme

 ○ Root / Roots / Rootie 

 ○ Fruit / Fruity

 ○ Shoot

 ○ Sprout

 ○ Node

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Happy Names For Your Houseplants

Plant Names Inspired from Food

This time, fashion, location, people, and, not surprisingly, our love of food can all influence plant names. Now you’re ready to add some plants to your garden and start enjoying the summer season with delight.

These plants will not only add a touch of whimsy to your space, but they will also serve as a great conversation starter! Please take note that you may also call them based on your favorite food. That may be unusual, but a great way not to forget their names! 

Here’s a list of food-inspired plant names. Enjoy!

 ○ Arugula

 ○ Fig Newton

 ○ Pesto

 ○ Clementine

 ○ Spaghetti

 ○ Pistachio

 ○ Pea

 ○ Honey

 ○ Oregano

 ○ Kiwi

 ○ Olive

 ○ Focaccia

 ○ Prosciutto

 ○ Truffle

 ○ Kerrygold

 ○ Ring Ding

 ○ Sour Skittle

 ○ McNugget

 ○ Cheese

 ○ Nut

 ○ Butter

 ○ Popcorn

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80+ Happy Names For Your Houseplants - Cute and Funny Houseplant Name Ideas

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