Look toward Old Norse mythology for classic viking name ideas. Here are some cool viking names for your male or female warrior.

Norse and Viking are not just about mythology or a part of history, but it also comes with a bevy of charming and beautiful names with historical and symbolic meanings.

Looking for a unique Norse or Viking name for your baby? Keen to know more about Scandinavian naming culture? Check out these cool and unique Norse and Viking for boys and girls that still sound modern.

Cool Old Norse Viking Names For Boys

Norse and Viking Names for Boys

If you have been looking for Norse-inspired names, you are in the right place. Here’s a list of some impressive and unique Norse and Viking baby boy names with their meaning.

  • Ake
    • Meaning: Unique Viking name that means “ancestors.”
  • Alvis
    • Meaning: His name means ‘all-wise
  • Aric
    • Meaning: means “eternal rule.”
  • Aros
    • Meaning: From the river’s mouth
  • Arvakl
    • Meaning: Name of a mythical horse
  • Asbiom
    • Meaning: A divine bear
  • Axel
    • Meaning: Man of peace
  • Austri
    • Meaning: One of the supporters of the heavens
  • Blesi
    • Meaning: A blessed man
  • Borr
    • Meaning: He is the father of the creation gods
  • Davynn
    • Meaning: An intelligent fellow
  • Dellingr
    • Meaning: Shining or brilliant
  • Eric
    • Meaning: Ever or eternal ruler.
  • Eske
    • Meaning: Spear of the gods.
  • Evinrude
    • Meaning: A swift boat

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  • Foresti
    • Meaning: God of Justice
  • Full
    • Meaning: Not empty, always to the top
  • Gandalf
    • Meaning: A name of one of the dwarfs. His name means, ‘elf with a magic wand.’
  • Garth
    • Meaning: The keeper of the garden
  • Gartheride
    • Meaning: One who is the owner of a place
  • Harbor
    • Meaning: He was a human in Norse mythology and the lover of Signy
  • Heimdall
    • Meaning: Heimdall was the guardian of Bifrost Bridge and one of the bravest warriors
  • Hoenir
    • Meaning: Warrior god
  • Loki
    • Meaning: The trickster god in Norse mythology 
  • Njord
    • Meaning: A name that means ‘strong.’ 
  • Odin
    • Meaning:  God of war, art, health, and wisdom
  • Sigurd
    • Meaning: Means ‘victory’ and ‘guardian.’
  • Thor
    • Meaning: Thor is the God of thunder, lightning, and strength; the strongest God
  • Tiki
    • Meaning:  God of stone 
  • Ve
    • Meaning: The brother of Odin; created heaven and earth from the slain body of Ymir

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Classic Old Norse Viking Names For Girls

Norse and Viking Names for Girls

Like other cultures, for example, with Japanese baby names, old Norse or Viking names give boys more powerful, warrior-like characteristics. 

Norse or Viking baby girl names, on the other hand, follow the classic demure, small and timid characteristics of small such as:

  • Aegelmaer
    • Meaning: A little spruce tree, daughter of grass snake
  • Aelfdane
    • Meaning: One who earn or deserve elf powers
  • Aelfdene
    • Meaning: From the valley of mystical powers
  • Aelffled
    • Meaning: One who escaped from mystical powers
  • Aelfgiest
    • Meaning: A goat with mystical powers
  • Artina
    • Meaning: Lofty hill, follower of God
  • Asdis
    • Meaning: Goddess
  • Astrid
    • Meaning: A divinely beautiful Girl
  • Asvor
    • Wife of Asrod
  • Asvoria
    • Meaning: Divinely prudent One
  • Audhilda
    • Meaning: Rich warrior woman
  • Audhumbla
    • Meaning: Name of a giant cow that nursed Ymir
  • Bergliot
    • Meaning: Helpful light
  • Bifrost
    • Meaning: The bridge from earth to Asgard
  • Birget
    • Meaning: A protecting woman
  • Bodile
    • Meaning: A fighting woman
  • Bodilla
    • Meaning: A variant of Bodile, meaning a fighting woman
  • Botilda
    • Meaning: Old Norse – A commanding Heroine; Battle for Help
  • Brynhild
    • Meaning: A fighter woman with an armor
  • Brynhilde
    • Meaning: The armored fighting woman
  • Diss
    • Meaning: Spirited one
  • Dordi
    • Meaning: A gift from God
  • Freyja
    • Meaning: A name was given to the lady of love, beauty, and death
  • Frikka
    • Meaning: A peaceful ruler
  • Frigga
    • Meaning: Spirit of the wedding, goddess of marriages
  • Hela
    • Meaning: Name of the goddess of the underworld
  • Nanja
    • Meaning: Merciful one, she who favors
  • Ola
    • Meaning: A pleasant bright shining light
  • Randalin
    • Meaning: A protecting shield
  • Ricci 
    • Meaning: A woman who is ever-strong

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 Old Norse Viking Names For Boys and Girls (With Meanings) for your warrior

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