Searching for shining baby names that mean sun that get glowing reviews? Here’s a list of sun baby names for your little ray of sunshine.

Your newborn baby is expected to make his or her arrival sometime soon. Aside from all of the other baby plans to make, choosing a name for your baby could be the most pressing to-do item on your list.

If you know that this new baby will bring sunshine to your life, you can get some inspiration from the warm sun. The sun is the center of our universe. Your little bundle of joy could represent the center of your family’s universe.

There are sun baby names for boys and girls. You can choose names meaning sun in different languages such as “Cyrus” or “Soleil”. There are also words associated with sun such as fire, light, star, etc.

Shining Ideas For Baby Names That Mean Sun

For more baby names that mean sun for your little sunshine, check out the bright ideas below.

Shining Ideas For Baby Names That Mean Sun

Boy Names That Mean Sun

Here are some boys names that mean sun for your soon-to-be son.

  • Aidan/Aiden/Ayden
    • Meaning: Celtic name for fire, the fire of a sun
  • Apollo
    • Meaning: A name after the Greek Sun God
  • August
    • Meaning: Latin name of “Esteemed, venerable”
  • Beacon
    • Meaning: Old English for “Signal light”
  • Blaze
    • Meaning: Latin name for “fire”, representing the blaze of a sun
  • Cyrus
    • Meaning: Persian for “Sun”
  • Dayton
    • Meaning: Old English for “Settlement, town”
  • Dominic
    • Meaning: Roman Italic name for “Belonging to God”
  • Domingo
    • Meaning: Spanish for “Born on a Sunday”
  • Eleodoro
    • Meaning: Spanish name for “Gift from the sun”
  • Elio
    • Meaning: Italian name for “Sunny and spirited”
  • Felix
    • Meaning: Latin name for “Lucky”
  • Finley
    • Meaning: Scottish name for “Fair-haired warrior”

Shining Ideas For Baby Names That Mean Sun

  • Gisli
    • Meaning: Scandinavian name for ray of sunshine
  • Haru
    • Meaning: Japanese for “Light, clear weather”
  • Hari
    • Meaning: Sanskri name for “Lion”
  • Helio
    • Meaning: Spanish origin name for “the sun”
  • Jaime
    • Meaning: Hebrew for “One who supplants”
  • Kiran
    • Meaning: Indian name for “Sunbeam”
  • Phoenix
    • Meaning: Greek name for “Dark red”; mythical bird associated with rising from the ashes and fire
  • Ravi
    • Meaning: Indian name after the Hindi Sun God
  • Rino
    • Meaning: Roman origin name meaning “Gift of God”
  • Samson
    • Meaning: Hebrew for “Sun”
  • Sol
    • Meaning: Spanish name for “Sun”
  • Soniva
    • Meaning: Norwegian for “Sun gift” Biblical name with a Hebrew origin meaning “sun”
  • Sulien
    • Meaning: Wel name meaning “Sun born”
  • Taner
    • Meaning: Turkish name meaning “Born with Sunrise”

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Shining Ideas For Baby Names That Mean Sun

Girl Names That Mean Sun

For your darling daughter, check out these names associated with the sun.

  • Aelia
    • Meaning: Ancient Roman name meaning “Sun”
  • Aine
    • Meaning: name after the Irish Sun goddess
  • Alba
    • Meaning: Latin for “Sunrise”
  • Alina
    • Meaning: Greek for “Light”
  • Aurora
    • Meaning: name is after the Roman Goddess of sunrise
  • Cira
    • Meaning: French name for “Ladylike”
  • Cyra
    • Meaning: Persian name for “Sun, throne, or lord”
  • Dawn
    • Meaning: Old English name for “Daybreak, awakening”
  • Easter
    • Meaning: Christian name for “Where the sun rises”
  • Elanor
    • Meaning: Sindarin name for “Star sun”
  • Eldora
    • Meaning: Greek for “Gift from the sun”
  • Ellen
    • Meaning: Greek for “Sunrays, shining light”
  • Eliane
    • Meaning: Name with Greek, Hebrew, Latin origins meaning “Sun”
  • Helen
    • Meaning: Greek origin name meaning “ray of sun,” “shining light”
  • Helaine
    • Meaning: Old English name meaning “light”
  • Kalinda
    • Meaning: Hindi for “sun”
  • Keren
    • Meaning: Hebrew for “Ray of light”

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baby sunset

  • Liane
    • Meaning: English name meaning “Daughter of the sun”
  • Leana
    • Meaning: Irish name for “Light, beautiful woman”
  • Lucy
    • Meaning: Italian name for “Light”
  • Malina
    • Meaning: name after Goddess of the sun from Inuit mythology
  • Nanala
    • Meaning: Hawaiian name for “Sunflower”
  • Oriana
    • Meaning: Latin name for “Sunrise”
  • Phoebe
    • Meaning: Greek name for “Brilliant, radiant”
  • Shirley
    • Meaning: English name for “Bright meadow”
  • Siria
    • Meaning: Spanish and Persian origin name for “Bright sun”
  • Solana
    • Meaning: Spanish name for “Sunshine”
  • Soleil
    • Meaning: French name for “Sun”
  • Zia
    • Meaning: Arabic name for “Light, splendor”


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