Look to the stars in the galaxy and discover the best space names. Find celestial inspiration with these astronomy name ideas.

Do you want to give your baby a name that is out of this world? We have over 100 unique celestial names for boys and girls. Our space-themed names are perfect for parents who want their children to be unique and stand out from the crowd (perhaps in a galaxy that is far, far away).

Whether it’s the sun, moon, or stars, there’s plenty of astronomy name ideas to pick from. You can choose from star constellations, planets, galaxies, black holes, and more! Read on and see our full list of celestial baby names together with their meaning!

moon galaxy name idea

Names That Mean Star

We’ve got a list of our favorite baby names that mean stars for you to consider for your bright and shining little bundle. Let the starry-eyed search begin!

     ○ Ahtahkakoop

             ○ Meaning: Star blanket

     ○ Castor

            ○ Meaning: Brightest star (Gemini constellation)

     ○ Danica 

             ○ Meaning:  Morning star

     ○ Elanna 

              ○ Meaning: Star sun

     ○ Electra

              ○ Meaning: Bright; Shining

     ○ Ziemba

              ○ Meaning: Laughing star

     ○ Hesper

               ○ Meaning: Evening star

     ○ Lucien

              ○ Meaning: Bright light

     ○ Namid

              ○ Meaning: Star dancer

     ○ Orion

              ○ Meaning:  Rising in the sky

      ○ Shihab

              ○ Meaning: Shooting star

      ○ Sirius

              ○ Meaning: Brightest star

      ○ Sterling

              ○ Meaning: Little star

      ○ Tarak

              ○ Meaning: Morning Star

      ○ Zeke

              ○ Meaning: Shooting star

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cosmic Space Names (With Meanings)

Planet Names

If you’re looking for some novel baby name inspiration, why not get inspiration from the planets? Our list of celestial and planet names will give your baby’s name a timeless appeal.

     ○ Aten

             ○ Meaning: Asteroid group

     ○ Janus

             ○ Meaning: Saturn’s moon

     ○ Jupiter

            ○ Meaning: Largest planet

     ○ Kale

             ○ Meaning: Jupiter’s moon

     ○  Venus

             ○ Meaning: Goddess of love and beauty

     ○  Mars

              ○ Meaning: God of war

     ○ Mercury 

              ○ Meaning: God of messengers

     ○ Neptune

              ○ Meaning: God of water

     ○ Phoenix

             ○ Meaning: Deep red

     ○ Pluto

              ○ Meaning: God of the Underworld

     ○ Saturn

             ○ Meaning: God of agriculture

     ○ Solar

             ○ Meaning: Sun

Galaxy Names

Dreaming of the stars? If you’re looking for the perfect name for your little one, then you might want to consider one of these celestial names.

     ○ Aurora

             ○ Meaning: Goddess of the Dawn

     ○ Blaze 

             ○ Meaning: Fiery

     ○ Calypso

            ○ Meaning: A nymph; Moon 

     ○ Celeste

             ○ Meaning: Heavenly

     ○ Eris

             ○Meaning: Dwarf planet

     ○  Halley

              ○ Meaning: A comet

     ○ Kuiper 

              ○ Meaning: Belt of asteroid

     ○ Leo

              ○ Meaning: A constellation

     ○ Libra

              ○ Meaning: A Constellation 

     ○ Luna

             ○ Meaning: Moon

     ○ Lyra

             ○ Meaning: Constellation (North sky)

     ○ Nova

              ○ Meaning: Stellar explosion

     ○ Oberon

             ○ Meaning: Uranus’ moon

     ○ Perseus

             ○ Meaning: A constellation

    ○ Rigel

             ○ Meaning: Star in Orion’s foot

   ○ Stella

             ○ Meaning: Star

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Celestial Galaxy and Space Names (With Meanings)

Moon Names

Our favorite baby names are right here! Inspired by the moon and everything she symbolizes, we’ve got some great names for your little one.

     ○ Abylay 

             ○ Meaning: Father of the moon

     ○ Sharna

            ○ Meaning: Moon in Sanskrit

     ○ Alcmene

              ○ Meaning: Strength; Moon

     ○ Aibek

             ○ Meaning: Moon chieftain

     ○  Arche

              ○ Meaning: Jupiter’s moon

     ○ Badru

              ○ Meaning: Full moon

     ○ Dal

             ○ Meaning: Moon in Korea

   ○ Dawa

             ○ Meaning: Moon; Month

     ○ Ehann

             ○ Meaning: Full bright moon

     ○ Elatha

             ○ Meaning: God of the moon (Irish Mythology)

     ○ Getsumei

             ○ Meaning: Moonlight in Japanese

     ○ Halo

             ○ Meaning: Ring form; Moon

     ○ Lusine

              ○ Meaning: Moon

     ○ Mahina

              ○ Meaning: Hawaiian word for moon

     ○ Menodore

              ○ Meaning: Gift; Moon

     ○ Monday

              ○ Meaning: Moon’s Day

     ○ Rakesh

              ○ Meaning: Full moon

     ○ Selenite

              ○ Meaning: Moonstone

     ○ Tuncay

              ○ Meaning: Bronze moon

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outer Space Names (With Meanings)

Star and Constellation Names

Whether you’re a space nerd or not, if you’re looking for a unique and creative baby name, then this list of star baby names will be perfect for you.

     ○ Astro

              ○ Meaning: One of the stars

     ○ Astrophel

              ○ Meaning: Star lover

     ○ Caelum

              ○ Meaning: Stars in heaven

     ○ Dara

              ○ Meaning: Star; Pearl of wisdom

     ○ Felis

              ○ Meaning: Lucky

     ○ Leo

              ○ Meaning: A zodiac sign

     ○ Pollux

              ○ Meaning: Twin brother of Castor

     ○ Regulus

              ○ Meaning: Star in Leo constellation

     ○ Scorpio 

              ○ Meaning: A constellation

    ○ Solaris

              ○ Meaning: Of the sun

     ○ Ares

              ○ Meaning: War

     ○ Astrea

              ○ Meaning: Star

     ○ Calytrix

              ○ Meaning: Starflower

     ○ Cassiopeia

              ○ Meaning: A stellar constellation

     ○ Celeste

              ○ Meaning: Heavenly of the sky

     ○ Helene

              ○ Meaning: Bright; Shining

     ○ Hesper

              ○ Meaning: Evening Star

     ○ Lira

              ○ Meaning: A constellation; Brave

     ○ Maia

              ○ Meaning: Cosmic name; Mother

     ○ Najima

              ○ Meaning: Star in the sky

     ○ Nashia

              ○ Meaning: Youth growing

     ○ Nyota

              ○ Meaning: Star

     ○ Phoebe

              ○ Meaning: Radiant; Shining one

     ○ Roxanne

              ○ Meaning: Bright Star

     ○ Sidra

              ○ Meaning: Goddess of the Star

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astronomy Name ideas

Names of Famous Astronauts

Name your little boy after a space explorer and give him a name that’s out of this world!

     ○ Neil

              ○ Meaning: Champion

    ○ Yuri

              ○ Meaning: Farmer or earth-worker

    ○ Nicholas

              ○ Meaning: Victory of the people

     ○ Michael

              ○ Meaning: Who is like God

     ○ Buzz Aldrin

              ○ Meaning: Village in the Woods

     ○ Holmes

              ○ Meaning: Of the river sand

     ○ Fred Haise

              ○ Meaning: Peaceful ruler

      ○ Sally 

             ○ Meaning: Noblewoman

      ○ Valentina

             ○ Meaning: Valentine

      ○ Jim

            ○ Meaning: May God protect

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Badass Space Names

Here are some of the badass space-themed baby names that are out of this world!

     ○ Aaliyah

              ○ Meaning: Heaven

     ○ Archer 

              ○ Meaning: Bowman

     ○ Astra

              ○ Meaning: From the stars

     ○ Aurora

              ○ Meaning: Dawn

     ○ Cyrus 

              ○ Meaning: Sun

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Celestial Galaxy and Space Names (With Meanings) That Are Out Of This World

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